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I thought I would create a thread where we can talk about what he's currently up to. No particular topic but one that's ongoing with what he's doing and saying. I'll start with this speech on... Read More

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    STOP beating up on Trump, I mean he's a Republican that may have been influenced by GW Bush so don't 'misunderestimate' him because if'fishes and human beings can coexist' then he knows that 'he'll be long gone before some smart person can figure out what is happening' and like'good docs, he'll be able to practice his love with women all over the country' and ' never stop thinking about new ways to harm the country' because ' when he's talking about war, he's really talking about peace' that way he can' make the pie higher' so'a single mother can work hard to put food on her family'. I mean he told DeVos' that if you teach a child to read, they will be able to pass a literacy test' and 'no kind of human cloning will come out of that chamber' so 'embetter' yourselves before 'you fool him so you can't get fooled again'.
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