Scandal politics sweep Capitol Hill

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    ... All together, roughly one-third of House committees are engaged in investigating some aspect of the Obama administration.

    "The speaker and other House leaders have been clear: Effective, responsible oversight is a key constitutional responsibility of Congress," said Michael Steel, Boehner's spokesman. "Whether the topic is the truth about Benghazi, thuggish political attacks from the IRS or the 'train wreck' of the president's health care law, we will keeping fighting to make sure the American people know the truth. ...
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    Their primary function is to legislate for the benefit of the people and the country.
    The speaker of the house is a disgrace to the position.
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    Whose job is it to ride herd on the WH and the administration? It's a trifecta now of scandals, and I will bet money, it all leads to the WH in some manner.
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    I would prefer our legislators to legislate unless there is evidence of some wrong doing. In this instance, the legislators are LOOKING for evidence of wrong doing in an effort to discredit the POTUS they do not like and a potential democratic candidate for 2016 that they are apparently frightened of.

    There is no REAL scandal here...outside of the rabid "investigation" looking for a smoking gun...
    I wish they had been so interested in what is right and wrong when they were being lied to about Iraq and the need to invade that country before we killed and maimed so many people for their lies.
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    I totally disagree. Some of us are old enough to remember the Watergate scandal, and IMHO that didn't hold a candle to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or the Gestapo tactics of the IRS. This administration is dirty all the way through, and the buck stops with Obama. 'nuff said.
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    we will smacks of people deciding something based upon their dislike for the POTUS and are milking the Benghazi issue to find the evidence to support their claims. is a huge waste of time and taxpayer money.
    If the intent was to actually learn something that might save lives in the future I would be all for it...but this investigation is a WITCH HUNT trying to discredit a man and a woman...IMHO.
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    The IRS has admitted wrongdoing. The investigation should be determining who gets punished and how, not IF a wrong was done.
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    Oh, I am old enough to remember Watergate, etc.
    Which is part of the reason the Benghazi outrage seems so silly to me.
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    Watergate and Benghazi? Where's is the apples and oranges photo when you need it? Really, you think 4 people dying after they asked for help and it was denied is silly. Wow.
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    I think the desire to find some wild conspiracy in the deaths of those Americans to be silly.
    I think the endless investigations, not to prevent future incidents, but to discredit the POTUS and his staff, is silly.

    Please note that I did not bring up Watergate initially...but I will accept the criticism for the apples and oranges comparison...someone should.
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