Revolving door of employment between Congress, lobbying firms, study shows

  1. Nearly 5,400 former congressional staffers have left Capitol Hill to become federal lobbyists in the past 10 years, according to a new study that documents the extent of the revolving door between Congress and K Street.

    The data published by the online disclosure site LegiStorm found close to 400 former U.S. lawmakers also have made the jump to lobbying...
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  3. by   toomuchbaloney
    Interesting read, thanks for posting.

    I wondered about how this might reflect on individual presidents and in my reading was reminded of history within my lifetime by this DailyKos article List of Reagan administration convictions.

    I suspect that this reference to Reagan may inflame some conservative Republicans and I apologize as it is not my intent to inflame. It is my intent to examine illegal activities in Presidential administrations which is clearly different from scandalous behavior or the accusation of scandal (in my view).

    It was interesting to me to discover in my research and reading that financial misbehavior/scandal is not uncommon but receives the least amount of press coverage.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Reagan administration scandals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Criminal Convictions Of Ronald Reagan Presidency

    The selective memories of those who praise the Reagan years really is revisionist. The praise includes some historical fiction, denial of reality, and governmental refusal to investigate wrong doing.

    Money corrupts those who lack moral behaviors. Lobbyists and those who do the bidding of big money lobbies can be examples of this.