Ray Nagin, ex-New Orleans Mayor, Charged With Bribery

  1. I'm sure that it comes as a total surprise, but the former mayor of New Orleans (aka "The Big Sleazy) has been indicted on 21 federal corruption charges.

    This is the man who was voted into office back in 2002, promising to root out corruption.


    Same as it ever was...same as it ever was.


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  3. by   Jolie
    I'm shocked!
  4. by   herring_RN
    If true, as i think it is, it is another example of a currupt politition. He should be punished and not allowed to profit from his crime by writing a book and/or doing a speaking tour.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Corruption in the city of New Orleans? Gee, I'm blown away!
  6. by   tewdles
    Yeah, like in Chicago, or Detroit, or DC, or ________.

    Corrupt politicians with an "entitlement" attitude are ruining our government.
  7. by   CrufflerJJ
    I can only imagine his legal defense.

    Well, you see, your honor, Mayor Nagin was not engaged in corrupt activities. In fact, he was selflessly exposing himself to physical danger while engaged in undercover research on how corruption impacts the poor of New Orleans. Yeah, that's the ticket! Undercover.

  8. by   somenurse
    oh wow, big shocker, politics and corruption, all meeting up? no way, i don't believe it. Leaders of all types, whether it's a leader of a city, a church, a very large organization, a state, whatever, a nation, a religion, any large group where there is access to money and are in power,
    those people do seem to be at a much higher risk to fall prey to immoral behavior.

    but, i just wanted to say, i LOVE New Orleans, just love that city, it's like no other, with it's own culture, traditions, history, and i was there within first week after Katrina, too, stayed for weeks, what a heartbreaking disaster. Of all the disasters i've volunteered on, that one probably broke my heart the worst.......the sheer size of the devastation,
    the number of deaths,
    the whole place being so so obliterated...not just an isolated area,
    but, the bulk of the whole area, wiped out, for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles...

    still, i don't think NOLA is any more "sleazy" than New York, Chicago, or other huge cities,etc. But, possibly, your definition and my definition of "sleazy" might not match. I always loved that city and it's citizens, always had a great time there.
  9. by   22gawhitacre
    Quote from tewdles
    Yeah, like in Chicago, or Detroit, or DC, or ________.

    Corrupt politicians with an "entitlement" attitude are ruining our government.
    And what do all those cities have in common? Massive gun laws, high crime, extreme poverty, and run by Democrats for decades.
  10. by   somenurse
    Quote from 22gawhitacre
    And what do all those cities have in common? Massive gun laws, high crime, extreme poverty, and run by Democrats for decades.

    Poverty and crime always go together. always, throughout history, in every nation.

    You are making a correlation between cities with large poverty, and cities with democratic mayors, and correlation is not the same thing as causation, although, it's a popular thing to do.

    New York, one of our nations most crime-ridden cities, had a republican mayor for a long long time,and it's current mayor is not a democrat, either.
    Here are some wealthiest cities in the USA,
    none especially known for high crime, 7 OF 10 of USA'S TOP 10 MOST WEALTHIEST CITIES usually vote democratically:

    San Jose, California (Democrat)

    San Francisco, CA (Democrat)

    Virginia Beach, VA (Democrat)

    Raleigh, N.C. (Democrat)

    Seattle, WA (Democrat)

    Honolulu, Hawaii (Democrat)

    and the % of poverty in a state (not a city, but a state) tend to run highest in states run for eons and eons and eons by republicans:
    MOST POVERTY STRICKEN STATES(and their % of citizens living at or below poverty level)
    Mississippi 20.6% R
    Louisiana 18.6% R
    New Mexico 18.1% R
    Arkansas 17.9% R
    Kentucky 17.3% R
    West Virginia 16.9% R
    Alabama 16.9% R
    Texas 16.3% R
    Oklahoma 15.9% R
    Tennessee 15.9% R
    South Carolina 15% R
    Georgia 14.3% R
    Arizona 14.2% R

    ALL usually run by R governor, and all tend to vote for the R presidential candidate, too, and all suffer the highest % of poverty.

    but, generally, cities DO tend to be democratic, and rural areas more republican. Rural areas tend to have fewer college educated citizens and more obese citizens than metro areas, thus, using your logic, (correlation = causation) republican states cause less-educated, obese citizens who are more prone to poverty.
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  11. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Lol, glad to know my state (MS) is number 1 at something. (Along with infant mortality, teenage pregnancy, tornado deaths, obesity [on/off], and illiteracy.)

    I thought political corruption and racketeering was legal in the Pelican State as long as you were in elected office. Sean Penn couldn't even stay clean down there, "All the King's Men."

    It is part of the culture and tradition to rob from poor folks' paychecks and shake special interest groups for loose thousand dollar bills for the occasional beneficial bill pass. Lol, this has been a tough winter on the south,...

    so cold the Democrat's have their hands in their own pockets
    (don't taze me bro, I vote both ways)

    S and SE Louisiana will never change until the voters get a bait of it and strengthen oversight. It was during my lifetime that over 50% of the law enforcement their was cleaned out by internal affairs (FBI Taskforce).

    I worked their clinics when the State Medicaid Program would go broke and we couldn't fill our kids' and teens' CANCER or AIDs Rx's!!! Often!! Usually once a year occurrence.

    But, now that I understand that money went to better use greasing palms, overseas mansions, and supercars for the elite, I know I'll sleep better knowing I couldn't vote that election that he won (lived in NOLA then) because I was at a fishing tournament trying to raise enough money for Youth Medications, while LA Congress rejected an Emergency Pediatric Medical/Prescription Reimbursement Promise(EMFAP) of $2 million until an agreement on extension could be reached(no other riders). No news coverage ANYWHERE, because they were afraid too.

    Wild wild wild. Sad sad sadWhite Collar Crime is not a victimless crime, Crime in the Suites really does hurt citizens, I saw it happen. I knew the victims. We also begged for assistance from Feds where money was allocated for such emergencies, to get a $100,000/mo grant, but it had to be signed by our Gov and regional House Rep, who declined because 25% had to be repaid, and they could have just held that amount out. $75K a month isn't much, but when you consider only filling critical Rx's, it would have helped(Amazingly, the only relief we had was from Pharmaceutical Companies- a real surprise!!)

    I am disgusted with the pillaging of those supposed to help and protect, but no word for when it becomes a tradition....wow!

    I dread the coming storm of hearing how the BP Oil money is divvied. They'll be lucky if 20% of that dough gets to where it's "kneeded"
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  12. by   somenurse
    BTW, just so so nice to see YOU posting again!!
    Slightly off topic, but, since you reference politics being displayed via tv shows,
    many of my pals who live in NOLA, much enjoyed the HBO series "Treme", which has been going on, for a month or two per year, for a long time. "Treme" ----an ongoing series about various fictional characters trying to rebuild their lives in the years following Katrina-----------did a pretty good job in several of the show's years, trying to portray who/how/where the money went, and how that did impact the citizens of NOLA.
    BTL, you especially might enjoy that series.

    ONe other thing i wanted to comment on, was just discussing this very issue at some inaugural parties over the weekend, was this remark:
    //"so cold the Democrat's have their hands in their own pockets
    (don't taze me bro, I vote both ways)"//

    Funny enough, most republicans (2/3s) WILL and DO vote a straight ticket, and only vote for repubs only,
    whereas most dems (2/3) vote a "mixed" ticket.

    ^This is a most striking difference in how the two parties' members vote.

    The dems usually take immense pride in the fact that they vote for some R's too, and seem to feel doing this makes them superior voters...
    (NOT that you, BTL, are a dem, or an R, this part here, is not really about "you" at all, but, about something that is becoming increasingly an issue)

    but here's the thing,
    that most voters are unaware of---------

    The local R's that so many dems vote for, are the ones who decide where the districts lie. Where a district starts and ends, and WHO is in THAT district, or, if that district even exists at all.
    This is called

    and it's becoming increasingly popular, (google "Virginia Gerrymandering" where just yesterday, some R's snuck through a whooooole new district map while one of their dem senators was in D.C. to witness the innauguration.)
    This kind of stuff is going on allllllllllll over, pow! pow! pow! one state after another,
    and districts that vote heavily democratically, are either being sliced in half, in the new map of districts, so their votes will be overwhelmed by the rest of their new district,
    condensed into only one (1) district that dems can win, instead of two districts.

    the dems proudly state, "I vote a mixed ticket!!"

    and almost always, the dem votes for LOCAL repubs and NATIONAL dem candidates.
    unaware the local R's they vote for,
    are the ones making that state's chances of electing a national democratic candidate, very very very slim.

    and once a district map is layed out,
    it lasts for TEN (10) YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! that 'new' district, will have trouble electing any democrats for next 10 years.
    My own state senate district,
    when viewed on a map,
    is about 70 miles long, very very narrow<----only half mile wide at many places,

    an "S",

    as it, too, was victim of gerrymandering, meandering around and through various democrat strongholds,
    to reduce that district's ability to elect a democratic candidate.

    this kind of thing is done by LOCAL republicans<--- often voted in by "mixed ticket" democratic voters who have no idea what "gerrymandering" means, or who does it.

    I myself, strongly wish, we had popular vote, and let go of electoral voting, which would indeed, whack the importance of where a district lies----------- in half,
    same as their gerrymandering maps do to our votes.
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  13. by   somenurse
    geez, i should have made my last post into a thread of it's own, now that i think about it..
  14. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    @Jean Marie, thanks, even though I am out of my comfort zone on politics! Love Treme, but not home enough to subscribe to HBO. That was the first thing I did now was get the premiums

    I just hope that the NOLA residents get "Justice" one day, pound-for-pound the poorest City >100,000 on GDP.

    The city would have sooooo much going for it, oil, excellent GLOBALLY important Port, strategic location, agriculture, tourism, excellent education:Colleges and Universities, I could keep going on and on- but every sector has been shrinking as the city has faced it's share of hell anyway, and survived- it's heartbreaking that Public corruption is so rife on my favorite ground in the world!!!!

    In fact, I will be haunting Mayor Ray's home soon if convicted-or- his cell(unless it takes place in Louisiana where $$$=Power). Boy am I going to rattle some chains, flicker some lights, and flush some commodes.

    Then, I am headed to where ever Casey Anthony lives now