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It's actually laughable this isn't being discussed. I mean, what else can you expect of people who are willfully ignorant. Or let me guess, you know about this, but this is a bad thing. ETA:... Read More

  1. by   Lil Nel
    To get back to the topic at hand, the one that was hijacked by itsy, via his/her sickening defense of the Bum: This isn't going to go well.

    Let the troll factory do it's work and simply ignore it. Let him/her continue to spit in the wind.

    Our world, as we know it, is at stake.

    Yes, John Bolton Really Is That Dangerous - The New York Times
  2. by   Lil Nel
    Quote from itsybitsy
    Um, unless you have a different definition for it, duckduckgo says whataboutism is a: "fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument"... So uh, yea. You're arguing you are being civil because of hypocrisy by FOX, which isn't logical in the first place, but also deflecting from what Trump is doing by saying that Obama did the same thing, without ever really talking about the actual subject, which is Trump. So, yea, precisely, whataboutism.

    Just a list of all the times it has been the other way around:
    - Trump is ostracized for congratulating Putin for winning election, Obama did it in 2012
    - Obama sheltered from people undermining him as the President, happens (being undermined) everyday to Trump, including death threats
    - The rising economy is instantly credited to Obama, still not sure if it's Trump's economy 18 months later
    - Decreasing black (and overall) unemployment is a good thing when Obama is President, not even worth scoffing about under Trump
    - Hillary calling trump supporters deplorables and black men super-predators is celebrated, Trump calling Hillary nasty is sexist
    - KKK supporting Trump makes him racist and a white supremacist, Hillary supporting KKK members makes her admirable
    - People accuse Trump of sexual harassment that isn't proven and is called a misogynist, Hillary supporting Bill after lying about ML makes her a champion of women rights
    - Obama deported more illegal aliens than Trump, but Trump is racist and against immigration while Obama is praised for DACA
    - Trump and GOP supports DACA with modifications (including accepting more than we are now) with a border wall and is ignored, Democrats whine about DACA without doing anything to help them by working with Trump and GOP, but are hailed heroes
    - Overwhelming amount of Democrats attack the 2nd Amendment, but don't charge and deport illegal aliens possessing and killing Americans
    - Overcome with emotions about Russian interference in the election, gleeful when appointing illegal alien to political seat to oversee Americans

    The list goes on and on.
    Stick to the topic of the thread.