Mon Dec 19 Elector's Vote

  1. My prediction: less than 5 GOP electors defect; none of the defectors vote for HRC. They're partisans. It's why they were chosen.

    The only possible strategy to even have a chance to turn the EC in my opinion, would be for HRC to instruct all her delegates to vote for a moderate GOP, like Romney. And, she'd need to have them publicly declare their intent en masse beforehand.

    Its not enough to beg GOP electors for a vote of no confidence. They'd need a comfortable rally point and HRC isn't it.

    That would be bold, create news, take the fight away from being decided in the House (HRC's electors plus 38 GOP votes for Romney means 270), and give GOP potential defectors a real GOP alternative.

    Does it really matter at this point if HRC gets any of her 232 votes? Will it change the outcome?

    But. That strategy would need publicity and would need to be done immediately to have an impact on Monday.

    Not going to happen.

    And so.

    DJT will get at least 300 of his 306 elector votes.

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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Romney would be the only possible choice because the vast majority of GOP electors have voted for him before. Comfort zone.

    Plus Romney has the pull to work behind the scenes if he suddenly thought there was a chance to "save" the Party and become President at the same time.

    If HRC could deliver 220 of her votes, the Romney element of the GOP could likely deliver 50.

    But only if each side thought they were truly working common cause to deny DJT the nomination.

    I think that strategy could work but I also think the necessary actors are too partisan to work together for common cause. And time is evaporating.

  4. by   elkpark
    And are you expecting anyone here to disagree with you? Is that supposed to be some kind of bold, controversial statement?

    Despite the horror and desperation so many of us are feeling at the prospect of this pig becoming the POTUS and leader of free world, I don't think anyone actually believes there is a possibility of the EC voting Clinton into office. The most I've heard anything about is the SLIM possibility of enough electors uniting around a moderate Republican choice, and I've not heard anyone propose even that as a likely option, just that it would not be technically impossible.
  5. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Not trying to be controversial just making political conversation.

    Starting really with Sen Mike Lee trying to broker a deal for Cruz/Rubio after Super Tuesday and before Florida right through trying to unbind delegates on the convention floor to McMullin winning Utah and blocking either party from reaching 270 to send the election to the House, MY side has tried unsuccessful Hail Mary after Hail Mary to bring DJT down.

    I don't think this Hail Mary will work either.

    I was just trying to imagine a way it COULD work. It would just take big actors (HRC, Romney) doing big things (Giving up EC votes, working together).

    The electors are not nearly big enough actors to do something like this alone. They'd need leadership that currently isn't there.


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