Mitt Romney asks us to trust him

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    Mitt Romney asks us to trust him? I do not.
    Romney acknowledged under oath yesterday that he filed income taxes as a part-time resident of Massachusetts in 1999 and a nonresident in 2000.

    In April, after he announced he would run for governor, he amended the returns to claim Massachusetts residency, he confirmed under oath. When the Globe first raised the issue,
    Romney initially said he had filed as a resident of both states. He later revised that position.
    Here is a more detailed article from ten years ago with the same information --

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    You cannot listen to Romney and know when he is speaking fact, speaking hearesay, speaking falsehoods, speaking outright lies, or just speaking out of ignorance. I rarely hear him actually say anything of substance, mostly it is political pandering without specific ideas or plans which might invite discussion or criticism. He does NOT like to answer questions about himself, his plans, or his policy concepts on a specific level...that sort of close mouthed political presentation does not invite trust. If he is elected we should NOT in anyway expect a more transparent white house.

    I don't trust politicians in general and I trust Romney less.
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    Quote from herring_RN
    Mitt Romney asks us to trust him? I do not.
    I would never ever trust this guy. The way he is constantly changing his story, refusing to release his tax returns,the list goes on and on. It is very scary that some people are believing him,and also scary he might steal the election, ala Bush vs Gore. I'm heading for the border(either one) if that happens.
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    I sure don't trust the other guy and every day that is strengthened.
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    I don't think that Romney would be a corrupt President. Is he 100% trustworthy and 100%

    Acknowledging the tit for tat change of subject above, I pretty much feel the same way about Obama.

    I have to think sometimes being the President, or a major politician, there are some things you have to do behind closed doors, some things we don't need to know.

    Politicians spin, exaggerate and make omissions with the truth all the time, this is not unique to Romney, they say what they think they need to in order to get elected. I distinctly remember thinking about Obama that he's playing politician and there's no way he's going to deliver on his promises and I absolutely feel the same way about Romney. I can't possibly entertain for a second that even Romney thinks he can deliver on his promises, although like Ryan, and like Obama and Biden he has an ego bigger than Texas and perhaps he thinks he can...or he hopes he can.
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    The people who are demanding Romney's tax records would never vote for him. This is obsession.
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    Quote from Kornhonk
    The people who are demanding Romney's tax records would never vote for him. This is obsession.
    THAT is a really good point!
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    Quote from Kornhonk
    The people who are demanding Romney's tax records would never vote for him. This is obsession.
    The people that are demanding his tax records don't want those records so that they can use them to consider voting for him. That's not even a consideration. They want them to use them and spin them to defeat him.

    The obsession isn't that they want the tax records, the obsession is that they want Obama elected and not him.
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    Quote from Kornhonk
    The people who are demanding Romney's tax records would never vote for him. This is obsession.
    Democrats aren't alone in wanting to see Romney's tax returns. I've posted this before, but it's worth repeating here:

    20 Prominent Republicans Who Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns Right Now
    George Will, Bill Kristol, Ron Paul, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Michael Steele, Rep. Walter Jones, Ana Navarro, Rep. Pete Sessions, Gov. Haley Barbour, Matthew Dowd, Rick Tyler, John Weaver, Brit Hume, David Frum, John Feehery, Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. Dick Lugar, Wayne MacDonald, Mike Murphy, Ed Rollins, Jon Huntsman Sr.

    Release the Returns | National Review - The Editors
    Romney may feel impatience with requirements that the political culture imposes on a presidential candidate that he feels are pointless (and inconvenient). But he's a politician running for the highest office in the land, and his current posture is probably unsustainable. In all likelihood, he won't be able to maintain a position that looks secretive and is a departure from campaign conventions. The only question is whether he releases more returns now, or later-after playing more defense on the issue and sustaining more hits.
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    Good point, mediajunkie. All those leading conservatives are tired of the insistent, obsessive grumblings from the opposition. Geez, get over it already. Romney pays more in taxes, from what we've already seen, than most people will earn in a lifetime.
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