Minimum wage to $15.00/hr are you kidding me??? - page 75

They need to fire their rears and get someone in there who is thankful to have a job! Who do they think they are? The president supports them doing this? Gee...I wonder if it's because he's... Read More

  1. by   nursej22
    If you read the article, and the report, the minimum wage has not reached $15 yet, but went up to $13 just this year. The report also noted that the last increase in minimum wage does not seem to have had the same effect.

    So maybe, Seattle has reached a tipping point. Unfortunately though, the price of housing has continued to climb, and public transportation strained. Washington State's regressive sales tax unfairly has minimum wage earners shouldering a higher tax burden that some in other states. Its no wonder to me that Seattle has a high homeless population, more that 11,600 counted in May.
  2. by   azhiker96
    It's good to see they looked at all minimum wage jobs and not just a select industry. The $15 minimum will affect many different industries and workers.