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I was aware one benefit of legalizing marijuana was to reduce government spending on enforcement, litigation, and imprisonment, but I guess I hadn't realized the extent of potential revenue. From... Read More

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    Think of all the $$$ made on tobacco taxes. And we KNOW tobacco kills. Marijuana does not. Legalize it, regulate it, collect taxes on it and that'll be that. Twenty four years ago when I had to have chemotherapy, as I was leaving the doctor's office, he whispered "see if you can find some'll help with the side effects". We've all known for years it has wonderful properties.
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    Personally, I will probably not partake, except just to see what it does. The draw is just not there.

    But I work with a nurse (previous user) who came out and said, "Legal or not...after I retire and my kids no longer depend on me, one of the first things I'm gonna do is roll a big fat joint."
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    As a non smoking washington resident, i voted in favor of legalization. i also made sure that everyone i knew was aware of the fantastic benefits that my state would gain as a result of taxation and no longer prosecuting. i am so proud of my state. we did some fantastic things this election.
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    I think what struck me about the revenue to be had from legalizing marijuana is that it just left me more confused as to why Conservatives oppose legalization. Policing how people enjoy themselves would seem to be a straightforward example of "big government". I get that part of it is to punish hippies by taking away something they like, but what better way to punish hippies than shifting some of your tax burden to them, particularly since they don't have any problems finding pot anyway.

    Smaller government, less taxes for you, and Conservatives oppose this?
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    The only reason I voted against it was because it is illegal federally. I can't quite see the point. If the feds are going to just turn the other way on this, then why have any federal laws at all?
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    That will be an issue although it's the same issue that's existed with medicinal marijuana. Washington and Colorado may have to back off depending on what actions the Federal government takes, but voting against it just guarantees it won't take effect rather than at least giving it a chance. I would think this would be a welcome opportunity for conservatives to put their belief of state's rights over Federal rights.
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    Once a state decriminalizes something like pot, local law enforcement agencies will no longer be making arrests for pot violations. Local cops, state cops, all of them won't be saddled with busting people after concerts for having a roach in the ashtray.
    Although MJ is still illegal at the federal level, there won't be anyone to enforce those laws locally. I doubt a DEA agent is going to be busting the aforementioned concert goers. This is a big change.
    If any sort of federal interdiction were to occur, I imagine it would be at higher levels, like illegal growing options and not busting someone for minor possession. This is what has happened in California, some of the more blatant dispensaries were targeted by federal agents and closed.
    This is a new frontier in terms of states rights and it will be interesting indeed to see how it plays out.

    I like to think that common sense is winning out here. I also agree that I've never seen a patient smoke himself to death but how many chronic alcoholics do we deal with and everything associated with that substance? Not to mention tobacco, prescription meds, junk food and on and on.
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    I have no problem with medical marijuana for adults with real problems. The issue here in California is people are using the medical marijuana loophole and getting the 215 card simply to get high. That demeans the real patients who actually need it. That is what bothers me.

    Funny - in my school district nurse/public health nurse meeting today . . . there is a new student from Washington who came to school with a prescription for some kind of marijuana (still trying to figure it out) for seizure disorder. He's 7.
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    Quote from Elvish
    Personally, I will probably not partake, except just to see what it does. The draw is just not there.

    But I work with a nurse (previous user) who came out and said, "Legal or not...after I retire and my kids no longer depend on me, one of the first things I'm gonna do is roll a big fat joint."
    In my previous life with my pot-head ex . . . I sat in rooms with dead-eyed people smoking a "big fat joint". It ain't a purty picture.

    p.s. this isn't a pro-con legalizing pot thread for me. We have many of those - one is very very long. I'm just responding to the idea of making money off pot. As I said, growing up with the idea that it is wrong makes it hard to reconcile making money off of it.

    I'm not arguing with anyone. Just being honest about how it makes me feel.
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    Marinol (tablet form) is great for getting cancer patients to eat. Marijuana was originally outlawed due to racism (look it up if you're interested) and not health effects. The adverse effects have been exaggerated for decades. I think there's a difference between recreational drug use, remembering that alcohol is a legal drug, and addiction. Yes, addiction is a horrible disease that causes major dysfunction for the patient and their loved ones. But I would equate drinking a glass of wine to smoking a joint at night. I'm not sure there's an argument against marijuana enjoyed under the same conditions as alcohol.

    I think more support for treating addiction, remembering that addiction comes in many forms, is more important than limiting individual choices about personal experiences.
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