In retrospect do you support the Iraq war?

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    In retrospect do you support the Iraq war?
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  3. Poll: In retrospect do you support the Iraq war?

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    I was adamantly opposed to the Iraq invasion at the time. I was an elected city official during that period and had many conversations with the very conservative mayor of my community regarding Iraq. He was supportive of the invasion at the time. Several years later he commented that he was wrong, the invasion was wrong, and the premise for military intervention was largely manufactured. While we had never argued, I was impressed that he had been willing to consider other perspectives and view points and ultimately changed his opinion.
    Further, how humble of him to even say such a thing to wasn't necessary on any level and surely wasn't needed or anticipated.
    He was a good man and he (along with my Father) are how I prefer to see my more conservative neighbors...interested, thoughtful, compassionate, and proactive.
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    I opposed the war because the actual "legal" basis was to enforce UN resolutions that the UN didn't feel like enforcing. If the UN wants to be a paper tiger I am fine with that.

    We also should have used operatives to take out OBL instead of marching into Afghanistan with horns and drums to announce our presence. The job would have been accomplished much sooner and with less loss of life.

    Afghanistan will continue to be a backwards paternalistic society that abuses it's women whether we leave today or in 20 years. I don't like it but I'd rather not spend American lives trying to change it.
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    I opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. The 9/11 highjackers were Saudis, and Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi, so why invade Iraq?
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    This is one area where I must agree with my liberal friends. I never supported the war in Iraq, even though I gave a daughter and a son to its endeavors and attended the funerals of kids they grew up with, whose energy and potential have been lost to us forever. I wanted Osama bin Laden's head on a stake for 9/11......Iraq may have had a real piece of work in charge, but he wasn't the instigator of that "date which will live in infamy". The war should never have happened, IMHO.
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    When I was 21, I was a Poli Sci major nominated to attend NATO's Prague Atlantic Student Summit. I was able to sit on a/b the 9th row in Prague on November 20, 2002 as this speech excerpt was delivered by W Bush to rally support for an Iraq invasion :

    Today the world is also uniting to answer the unique and urgent threat posed by Iraq. A dictator who has used weapons of mass destruction on his own people must not be allowed to produce or possess those weapons. We will not permit Saddam Hussein to blackmail and/or terrorize nations which love freedom.
    Last week Saddam Hussein accepted U.N. inspectors. We've heard those pledges before and seen them violated time and time again. We now call an end to that game of deception and deceit and denial. Saddam Hussein has been given a very short time to declare completely and truthfully his arsenal of terror. Should he again deny that this arsenal exists, he will have entered his final stage with a lie. And deception this time will not be tolerated. Delay and defiance will invite the severest of consequences. http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archiv...0021120-4.html

    It was incredible; even though I'm a Dem, I admired Cond Rice at the time, & I was thrilled to be in the same room with her (the entire cabinet was present).

    Anyway, I don't want to debate the war. I just wanted to share one of my few claims to fame.
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    There is a show coming MOnday night, called "Hubris"
    It is based upon a book written about the runup to the Iraq war. It sounds very interesting. I have my tivo set. Monday night, 9pm, on MSNBC.
    It repeats again around 1am, that same night.(i think)

    This might be an interesting show to watch. Some say, "if we do not learn from our mistakes, we could repeat them." Now, USA is trying to sort out, how we really got into Iraq, and how we all collectively determine our attitudes about the decisions made there, can impact future decisions, too.
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    I was against Iraq from get go. I am appalled at the deceptions that were made, the ever shifting reasons that we were fed, from "something to do with 9-11" to "wait, wait, let's create the impression Saddam has WMDs" to "Saddam has 'something' to do Al Quida" to "well, it's a dictator, let's get rid of this one dictator right here" to "we are promoting democracy"

    I honor the troops. The troops did not decide to start this war. The troops served honorably under horrific conditions.
    But, the leaders who were feeding us info that they KNEW was false,
    that just makes my head spin.

    It's one thing to make mistakes. It's hard to imagine sending so many troops to their death over mistaken info,
    real real hard to imagine.
    but, there is a lot of evidence they KNEW the info they were telling us as "The (current) Reason" to go to war, WAS NOT TRUE. There were extensive efforst to silence, or discredit anyone who knew it was bogus info, or accuse them of not "being patriotic".

    it was ghastly to watch.
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    I'll be working Monday night, but I'll probably catch Hubris online someday soon.

    May I recommend Maddow's book Drift? I'm listening to it (audible books) for a second time and find it fascinating. In it, Maddow traces the evolution of the politics of going to war from the founding of the country and the idea of the citizen soldier to the present. Sounds dry but she's a pretty good writer, which makes it a good read.

    Puts the current discussions over drone strikes and the Middle East in a very useful perspective.
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    [QUOTE=mariebailey;7175973It was incredible; even though I'm a Dem, I admired Cond Rice at the time, & I was thrilled to be in the same room with her (the entire cabinet was present).


    I love Condi.

    Perhaps it became customary since 2002, but I thought the the President and entire cabinet were never all in the same place at the same time, just in case something catastrophic happened and took them all out.

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