Here's What's in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 - page 5

In this new White House White Board, Brian Deese, the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, explains what the new agreement to extend tax cuts for the middle class means for the economy and how it met President... Read More

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    you dumb workers...letting your employer rip you off...shame on you
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    These are people who had a living wage until the CEOs got greedy. They had a pension. When the economy tanked the CEOs fed themselves well and hurt the employees at a time when there were few other jobs available. Of course I guess rather than work for such a nasty company they could have done what the conservatives claim all people do.

    When are the money hungry corporations going to be held accountable? A person who steals is put into jail. A company that steals then blames the workers for not getting other jobs is not only held blameless but then workers are blamed for results of poor management.
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