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  1. 1 Just curious... and not judging.

    Does anyone here read the website Daily Kos?
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    Can't say that I do, although I am certain that I have probably seen/read things there. It is not one of my resources.
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    It's a liberal blog ... I skim it frequently, mainly for interesting-looking links. I don't use it as a resource.
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    I see it fairly often. It sometimes gives really good resources for facts. Usually it is more liberal than news. Fun read but not a good resource by itself.
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    Quote from Kylee B
    Just curious... and not judging.

    Does anyone here read the website Daily Kos?
    Six words: Not if I can help it.
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    I don't believe I've ever read it
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    Daily Kos: Obama's Social Security cuts: Let me make this very simple for you

    Viva might get a kick out of this edition of Kos. Rakes Obama over the coals.
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    As a matter of fact, I did.
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    I must say...............thanks for introducing me to the Daily Kos, Kylee. This was certainly an interesting read.

    Daily Kos: Conservative Supremes thwart fair wages claim, and Kagan lets 'em have it.

    Yet again, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has closed the courthouse doors to an individual seeking redress against a corporation. A registered nurse had sued the Northeast Philly nursing home where she worked because she was being docked pay for lunchtime hours during which she was in fact working, and the Court has barred her claim on behalf of herself and her coworkers because she refused to accept a settlement offer from her employer for the full extent of her personal claim (including attorney's fees) because it only covered her, and not others similarly situated.
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    Daily Kos: Clear Channel Loses $424 Million in 2012, StopRush Rolls On
    Buried on the business page of mysanantonio.com today, so brief you could easily have missed it, was the news that Clear Channel Media Holdings just reported losses for the last quarter of 2012 of $191 million, and $424 million for all of 2012.
    Clear Channel has been firing radio employees all year in an effort to stanch the bleeding--to no avail. Limbaugh has a $400 million contract which expires in 2016. The question now is whether Clear Channel will tolerate this albatross around its neck for that long. You can lend your voice to the StopRush movement in the following places

    The power of boycott. When advertisers fled from Rush it started to have an impact. The left because of the people complaining about Rush's misogynistic show. Remark after remark against women. Calling a person who was addressing Congress names like **** because she said something he disagreed with.

    We know he will say anything he thinks will cause uproar. This was too far and those who advertise recognized it. Good for them. It certainly is not the only stupid thing he has done but it certainly has had an impact on this entertainment channel.
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    The number of people who "enjoy" Limbaugh is shrinking as the ignorance of his comments become so widely known. I suspect some of his listeners might be embarrassed by the tirades and get weary of defending his indefensible opinions.
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    Interesting that this went off topic . . . . .

    I've only read some links from here but for the most part I do as Marla does and try to avoid it at all costs.

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