Billionaire's breakup plan would chop California into six states

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    Link to the article:

    California nurses, what are your thoughts?

    It says in the article that splitting the state would solve California's water problem...
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    I don't see how splitting up the government of California would magically create more water. I bet this is politically motivated because it would add 10 members to the Senate. Depending on how the lines are drawn those new Senators would be likely to be of one party or another.
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    A few months ago a man came up to me at the market asking me to sign petitions. Some were local to that city so I told him I don't live there. He tol me to sign one state wide petition saying, "It will create millions of jobs."

    I read it and found it was to divide our state into six! The paid signature gatherer seemed surprised. I asked some questions he couldn't answer. Every statement he made was shown by the language of the petition to be untrue.

    Sadly I fear many people signed it without knowing what they were signing.

    We do NOT need six separate boards of nursing, medical boards, DMV, and all the other licensing boards. We don't need new state constitutions, statutes and regulations, judges, and all the functions of a state. For now I think 50 states is the proper number.

    Unfortunately we will have to educate the public about this dumb idea rather than moving ahead.
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    California as it is now could certainly use some new blood in their elected officials arena. But then, so could my state.
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    I worry that the water problem would be solved for those with $$ not the majority.
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    Quote from tntrn
    California as it is now could certainly use some new blood in their elected officials arena. But then, so could my state.
    Our county supervisors seem to be re-elected repeatedly until they die or retire.
    Over the decades we have had truly excellent supervisors start out energetic and innovative only to get lazy or have health problems so that they end up going to work and doing nothing useful.
    The minutes of the daily meetings are on line.

    I read all the minutes leading up to the federal CMS closing the King Drew County Hospital. All they did was hire consultants. Some actually wrote good analysis, but none were implemented.

    it was a downward spiral with good staff leaving and lazy dishonest ones staying until it was completely unsafe.
    I worked there registry and reported the violations to the state. I was not the only one.
    Staffing was horrid and many of the staff did no work. Once I saw five men wearing lab coats talk about the Lakers for five hours. One LVN and I were running in an attempt to care for 19 patient who needed critical care (vents and such) on a "telemetry" unit while those men wouldn't even answer questions.

    I reported them to the nursing supervisor and she said, "They are a doctor and respiratory care practitioners. I'm only responsible for nurses.'
    i told her we nurses would appreciate an RT checking our ventilator patients. She said something to them and they left the unit.

    I had filled out a "Disclaimer" which is a county form to report unsafe conditions. At the end of that shift I made myself a "Do Not Send". I still have my license.

    Some supervisors are retiring and there are some good people running for their seats. it may get better for a while. We the people need to hold their feet to the fire if the don't work for us.

    I don't think having six bureaucracies instead of one would improve anything.

    PS: "New" politician Arnold was a disaster. With Governor brown we have a budget surplus. In some ways it is much better and in others unchanged.
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    OK, call me stupid but how will breaking CA into 6ths make more water? They need to make sure there is no fracking in CA as that uses huge amounts of water and causes unknown as well as known problems. I understood CA was in a drought and water was a scarce item. While this certainly is not true for the entire state it does not magically mean that "Jefferson" would be willing to part with water any easier than it does now as No. CA. It might mean that this venture capitalist is able to buy enough land with water rights that it further impedes others from getting water unless they purchase it from him.
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    Think about the effect it would have on certain areas. Silicon Valley/San Francisco one state, Los Angeles in it's own state, what economy does the Inland Empire have?? Most of the people here commute to work. They have to live in one state and work in the other?

    As for the water, that is "North California's" economy right there.
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    Also, I agree it must be impossible to actually do this because there is no way the US would be okay with that many extra senators.
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    It's certainly not a new premise, the idea that we're better off having things run by many small governments rather than fewer, larger, more centralized governments is a pretty common conservative theme and seems to be the proposed solution to pretty much any topic. I don't think it's necessarily better, there are some things that are better run at the local level, but there are also a lot of things that are more efficiently and effectively done by one rather hundreds of sources.
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