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    Quote from tntrn
    Some definitions of "natural born citizen" requires that both parents be US citizens. If this is so, then BHO doesn't qualify, since his father was not a US citizen. Also now floating around the internet, I'll have to look up the site, are papers where he applied to Occidential College in CA, but not as an US citizen, rather from Indonesia. In addition, a trip he made to Pakistan as a younger person was done when there was a travel embargo there for US citizens. That would beg the question: what kind of passport was he traveling under. I'll find that website....but not right now. Family priorities.

    That document from HI is NOT a certificate of live birth, which at the time, (and probably still does) have to be signed by mother and doctor. It is a certification and could be done for any child that was born, in HI or in another place. So that piece of paper is not proof to me that he was born in Hawaii.

    I do believe that he most likely was born there; that document doesn't prove it. The big question goes to the definition of Natural Born Citizen.
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    some of those who cheered for a civics literacy test don’t know what is written in the fourteenth amendment.

    fact check -
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    I think that if Mr. Obama broke any citizenship laws by coming president in two years someone would have been able to prove it and remove him. Time to move on from that one.
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    Quote from leslie :-D
    as an aside, i just wanted to point out that one never knows what a poster gets a kudos.
    i am pretty liberal with them, and it's not always because i agree or support the poster.
    i could be using it as an acknowledgement, or that i liked one statement out of the entire post...

    you just never know why, so you can't take it personally.

    It was one sentence. It was an endorsement of a personal attack. How should I have taken it?
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    Quote from FraidoCat
    How should I have taken it?
    (nice try, leslie.)

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    Not the site I was looking for but this one is a very interesting read, with case law and good definitions and explanations. It's long.

    Barack Obama -- Natural Born Citizen
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    in the united states, a person is considered to be born a citizen either due to place of birth within u.s. territorial jurisdiction (jus soli) or through descent from a u.s. citizen (jus sanguinis), or through some combination of those two elements.
    a natural born citizen or natural citizen is someone who is considered a united states citizen from birth. unlike naturalized citizens, natural born citizens do not need to apply for any of the rights of citizenship.
    they are granted the right to vote at 18, along with all of the other rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship in the united states.
    in addition, natural born citizens are permitted to run for the positions of president and vice-president, while naturalized citizens are excluded from these roles in american government by law.
    in the naturalization act of 1790 , congress passed a law that disregarded the idea of being born on u.s. soil, and referred only to parentage.

    five years later, however, congress repealed the act and never again drafted a legally binding definition of "natural born citizen." -