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Ben Carson, an acclaimed neurosurgeon-turned-politician, can now add a new title to his résumé: secretary of housing and urban development... ... The Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban... Read More

  1. by   Ted
    Quote from Tweety
    They don't feel betrayed when he's doing what he said he would be doing...they want the wall, they want Obamacare repealed, they want Muslims band to keep us safer. Their critical thinking leads them to believe this will help us in the long run.
    Working to fill "promises" like building walls, repealing Obamacare, and banning Muslims is one thing. So yes, one can say that Trump is fulfilling goals as promised during his campaign. No argument there. (I won't mention the foolishness surrounding these promises as significant resistance is met while Trump works to make good on them, nor will I mention the blatant bigotry surrounding them.) But there are other aspects of government that we seem to be taking for granted, especially those who supported and voted for Trump, that will effect us when weakened by his chosen Cabinet member. THIS involves the promise of "cleaning the swamp" where Trump presented himself as an outsider. Trump, himself, might be an outsider. . . in more ways than one. But his Cabinet?!? Well, let us take a look at a few. . .

    Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State: Tillerson was President and Chief Executive of Mobile (with close ties with Russia, by the way). Needless to say, the interests of oil and gas have a STRONG edge in influence with this man in office. As you know, the interests of "big oil" have made a significant presence in our government for a LONG time, spending much $$$$$ in ensuring that their interests are met by the politicians they work to influence.

    Steven Mnuchin as Treasure Secretary: Mnuchin was a formal Golden Sachs executive with questionable use of offshore tax havens. How many people HERE remember 2008 and the near economic ruin created by such banks like Golden Sachs?!? I do and I STILL feel the pain of significant decrease in home values, thanks to people like Steven Mnuchin.

    Wilbur Ros as Commerce Secretary: Ross is a very wealthy investor with his hands tied to businesses like banking and real estate loans. Again, remember 2008 with the near economic collapse that effected MILLIONS of Americans?!? Despite attempts by him to divest, the potential for conflicts of interest is remains. Like "Big Oil", the interests of banking, finance and loan corporations have a LONG history of spending $$$$$ to ensure that their interests are met by politicians they work to influence.

    Scott Pruitt as E.P.A Administrator: Pruitt, who was Attorney General of Oklahoma was HEAVILY influenced by "Big Oil and Gas" (Devon Energy). As State Attorney General, Pruitt "wrote" a letter to the E.P.A. accusing Federal regulators of overestimating the amount of air pollution in his state caused by companies drilling new natural gas wells. What is interesting about that letter is that is was written by the LAWYERS of Devon Energy itself!! Talk about being influenced!! One can easily say that Pruitt is a patsy of "Big Oil and Gas"!

    These are just a few people that Trump selected to be in his Cabinet, and who were confirmed by the Senate. There are others as well, like Ben Carlson and Betsy DeVos, who harbor their own controversies which could effect the average American. Then, there are other individuals selected by Trump who await confirmation, who are also questionable to fill out their roles that would benefit the citizens of this country.

    But my point if this. . . These individuals mentioned above head departments that formulate policy and law, which WILL ultimately effect us all, including the people who voted for Trump. The selection and confirmation of these individuals and the special interests that they represent (like "Big Oil and Gas", Banking, Finance, Loans, etc.) are the creators of the cesspool that exists in all levels of our governments. This is at the expense of fair banking and loan practices, fair commerce, and safe air to breath and water to drink. Needless to say, history has a HUGE POTENTIAL of repeating itself as environmental regulation meant to ensure safe air to breath, water to drink, and even safe working conditions are compromised by special-interests represented by these people. Rolling back safeguards to protect us from careless practices of the oil and gas interests area a HUGE health-related concern. Rolling back safeguards that protect us from the thoughtless and greedy practices of banking and loan industries are a HUGE financial-related concern. Trump, and those individuals who might have influenced Trump in picking out these individuals, has created a cesspool of an Administration, which is a far, far cry from "clearing the swamp". Trump is betraying us all, whether we realize it or not.

    Quote from Tweety
    Although it baffles me. Yes, their values and principles are different than mine. Obviously mine are superior.
    Interesting. I don't look at one set of values and principles as being "superior" to another. Rather, I look at values and principles that differ from another as simply being different. But yes, there is room for judgement. For example, how does any one set of values/principles promote the general well-being of the human species? This can be used to "gauge" or "judge" the worthiness or effectiveness of a set of values/principles. There are many levels of malevolent and benevolent values. History provides evidence to how effective one set of values betters another set. Personally? I prefer the more benevolent set of values, like the ones espoused by most religions, like "Love Your Neighbor". But others might feel differently. Others might embrace a more malevolent set of values that potentially compromises the safety and well-being of human society. Other values like "greed" (unfettered profit-taking) and "every man for himself" (isolationism, bigotry) are associated with the more modern-day malevolent values. When I question a person's set of values I seek honesty. That's all. Often what is seen is hypocrisy rather than honesty.
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  2. by   Extra Pickles
    Quote from Tweety
    I don't think Trump voters are idiots. He's only been in office a short while and they aren't expecting that he's going to deliver everything at once. Also, like most of us, we understand that campaign promises are mostly BS...including Obama's and Mrs. Clinton's. They talk a good talk during the campaign.
    au contraire! There is a segment of these Trump supporters who feel that he isn't doing enough, and not fast enough either. And no, I don't suppose enough of them understand the rhetoric of campaign promises (anybody's) because they continue to voice their support of those same promises and hope he gets on the stick about pulling off all of them.

    I just heard an interesting piece on NPR. They interviewed people that voted for Trump in North Carolina to see how they felt today and if they regretted their vote, while they all had a criticism, pretty much all of them supported him and thought he was delivering as promised. There's a myth out there of "voter's remorse" but I'm not seeing it.
    I have literally seen ONE and only one. A friend (or not exactly, just someone I know) has voiced her regret that she voted for him, but it was mostly because she thought the circus persona and chest-thumping would give way to a more "Presidential" presence once he got into office. She still thinks a lot of what he wants to do is a good thing (I did mention she and I aren't besties) but now thinks she probably shouldn't have put her vote into someone who looks pretty embarrassing to the world. The guy who she said would "shake things up" now realizes that it's not shaking out so well for the US in the world view. Good for her, obviously, but not enough of her fellow Trumpies have figured this out yet.
  3. by   Avid reader
    He is an example to all nurses that despite prodigious knowledge, NOTE, I did not say intelligence, completely different things... that Drs are fallible and just normal people. Monitor everything they do because your license rides on the decisions they make and hospitals support them far more. Having knowledge doesn't give you common sense or the ability to parse that knowledge.
  4. by   Avid reader
    Ted, you are the epitomy of the reasons I'm right leaning. Educated with comprehension of the matters at hand but weak and lacking the ability to win at all costs. That is a trait I love in Republicans unfortunately their lack of education and ethics makes them tainted. Agree with everything you said except De vos and Carson, they are obviously congenital idiots.

    Ted Cruz going to dinner, wish I could be like him. I would have ruled the world. That is an individual with no redeeming qualities. His wife, his father, how do you put those behind you? Now if democrats could embrace that level of hypocrisy, we could boycott Nordstrom
  5. by   Tippyrn
    Racist comments. Ben is a good man, loves this country and is very intelligent.
  6. by   toomuchbaloney
    Quote from Tippyrn
    Racist comments. Ben is a good man, loves this country and is very intelligent.
    Is hard to consider him to be generally "very intelligent"
    when he believes that the pyramids were used for grain storage.
  7. by   BCgradnurse
    Quote from Tippyrn
    Racist comments. Ben is a good man, loves this country and is very intelligent.
    Can you please quote for me any racist comments against Carson?
  8. by   heron
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Is hard to consider him to be generally "very intelligent"
    when he believes that the pyramids were used for grain storage.
    Or that slaves are immigrants and homosexuality is a choice because prisons.
  9. by   toomuchbaloney
    Quote from Tippyrn
    Racist comments. Ben is a good man, loves this country and is very intelligent.
    Seriously, if you have read the comments in this thread and believe that the comments are racist, they you must be really outraged by the remarks made about the Obamas by "conservatives" on just about every topic.
  10. by   Extra Pickles
    Quote from Tippyrn
    Racist comments. Ben is a good man, loves this country and is very intelligent.
    Which comments are racist? I haven't seen any and I think I'm a pretty fair judge of that. He might be a good man, I don't know him well enough to be sure of that. I used to think Bill Cosby was a fabulous example of a good family man but now, not so sure. Does he love the US? Probably. Not really a hot button issue. Intelligence is a quantifiable number if you place a lot of merit in IQ tests but becomes less relevant when you talk about how that intelligence is applied and how much knowledge has been accrued. Politically it seems he isn't well-versed, and that is really the only quotient that matters when one is asked to hold the position to which he is now appointed. Ok, not the ONLY quotient that matters but certainly the top two! Compassion matters. His abrasive comments about how operating on a child can allow that child to have decades more of life (and that's a good thing) but how operating on an old person ("geezer" to be precise) is really just a waste of his time. Not terribly smart thing to say in public, is it?
  11. by   Avid reader
    I don't think Trump voters are idiots. He's only been in office a short while and they aren't expecting that he's going to deliver everything at once.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, Hello!!!

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