My keyboard is doing a very weird thing in allnurses!

  1. 0 This is the strangest thing............when I try to post on allnurses, when I get done with my message I hit the enter/return key to go to the next paragraph, but it doesn't work!!! The only way I get to the next line is by continuing to type, and it wraps around. I can't manually start a new paragraph. This is what I mean - when I hit enter/return (like right here) IT DOESN'T WORK!!! This only happens to me when I'm in allnurses!! It's the strangest thing - when I'm in Word or whatever, it works fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know it sounds like an April Fools joke, but it's really not!!! This started about 2 weeks ago. Thanks!!! mc3
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    You're not going crazy! I got a new laptop with Windows 8 and it's been a whole new set of problems. Look above where you type.

    It's A/A wit the right hand A being blue and a different font. Click on that and that should take care of things. If you happen to forget to do it before, you can click on it after, but you'll have to put the curser back where you were before.

    Joe V. was that OK?
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    I had the same problem and thought I was going crazy.

    I didn't figure out the trick that Sharpeimom suggested, so I downloaded Chrome and it works just find on this just doesn't like IE for some reason.
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    Quote from justin.j just doesn't like IE for some reason.
    Who does?
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    Is this happening on both allnurses and Break Room?

    If you are using IE 10 this is a known issue. We are looking into this.

    As recommended by sharepimom, click on the "Switch Editor" button...

    Alternatively, you can use Google Chrome or Firefox.
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