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geek meditation session

by Brian - Here is one for all you geeks :) source: The Joy of Tech comic... Geek meditation session.

3 debates in pictures

by Brian - Three presidential debates and these were the top issues spread around in social media after the debates.

Holiday Weight Gain

by Brian - The holidays are over. Now, what to do about the extra weight that found me in the pies, cakes, candies, and other yummy food temptations. Next year I will use tips on how to avoid the holiday...

Yall have GOT to see this

by CBlover - Baby panda "NICU"! I think this is totally adorable.

Creative Photos Thread

by Ted - This thread is inspired by Davey Do's "Cartoon Thread". (Thanks, Davey Do!) :) Lately, I've been learning to use, and enjoying Adobe's software program, Photoshop. As most probably know, this...

the Summertime Blues

by Davey Do - Do you know where your Fair Weather Friends are?

The 'kid' is still in all of us...

by Joe V - When was the last time you let the "kid" in you out? On July the 4th, we had a huge water balloon fight. I created the teams ... teens against adults... The rules were simple... - the...

I had to share this!

by sharpeimom - So what do you think?

Exploring Alternatives to Conventional Notions

by Davey Do - <-----I just can't seem to wash this Alternative Perspective Club stamp off of the back of my hand!

OMG This Actually Exists...

by Nurse Leigh - So I was browsing on Groupon and came across this gem. 20509 Seriously? Do men really wear their hair in buns these days?

Will you be my neighbor?

by allnurses - Just like Mr. Rogers, we sure would like to pick and choose our own neighbors, wouldn't we? We'd want our own neighborhood chef, confidant, babysitter, and he-who-owns-every-tool-in-the-world. LOL!...