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Testimonials from our members... has given me great knowledge beyond what my instructors couldn't provide and reestablished the reasons I chose this life! Thank you! allnurses!
- MySonIsAdorable, SVN, TX

Allnurses has helped me know that I am never alone in what I am going through, in work and (occasionally) life. It has helped me learn to be grateful EVERY day for my job, my co-workers, and my management. It has provided me with an objective sounding board when I need to know if I did the right thing, I know that I can always get honest and knowledgeable advice here.
- Beckster (RN), NY is a real nursing information resource and my link to other nurses nationwide and abroad
- MusicNurseCarrlee, LPN, Nevada

Nursing issue concerns? Post on for rapid fire replies filled with knowledge, wisdom and assistance!
- Jahra

All Nurses has helped me in a number of ways, from calming my fears that I would not pass the NCLEX, to support when I had a hard time finding a new grad. job, and now as a nurse who pass the Nclex on the first try, found a job, and can now laugh and cry with my nurse sisters.
- GatorAimsLPN (Florida)

Allnurses is full of guidance and support, but best of all piece of mind. A reminder we are not in this alone.
- newbebop RN, (Michigan) has given me a creative outlet and provided hours of entertainment!
- Ruby Vee, 30+ years of experience

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