Our Dog is Missing

  1. She's been gone since early afternoon. She managed to get through the fence. We've been searching all day.

    Everybody in the neighborhood knows her, so if they saw her they'd have brought her home. We've asked everyone we've seen and nobody saw her. It's dark and really cold out. I just got back for another drive around and DH is out there now.

    There are a lot of woods in this area. Plus she's so young and trusting. I'm so worried about her.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    aw kat, i'm so very sorry for your anguish.
    let's hope someone took her in and provided her shelter from the elements.
    in the meantime, a lost and found ad sounds right about now.
    she will be a part of my nightly prayers.

  4. by   donsterRN
    Oh Kat, I'm sorry; I know how worried and upset you must be. I will say prayers for the safe return of your pup. Hugs to you. :icon_hug:
  5. by   nursemary9
    Oh Kat

    I know how upset you must be. I will be praying for you all!
    Here's hoping the Pup will be back with you guys soon!!
  6. by   compassion1
    I'll pray for your pup's safe return home. I'd be worried sick myself. Maybe you can check with the local pound/police to see if she's been "turned in". Is she microchiped?
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    And if you don't find her tonight, call the local animal shelter as soon as it opens and give a description of your dog, in case she was or is turned in there.
  8. by   CritterLover
    Quote from marie_lpn
    and if you don't find her tonight, call the local animal shelter as soon as it opens and give a description of your dog, in case she was or is turned in there.

    and be sure you go by as soon as you can, to look for yourself.
    [color=#483d8b]depending on how well-run the local shelter is, calling may not get you far.
    [color=#483d8b]good luck. i'd be worried sick, too. :icon_hug:
  9. by   DutchgirlRN
    Cyberkat, I am so truely sorry, I feel your pain. One of my dogs was missing once and we were devastated. She did come home. We guessed she just wanted a taste of freedom and suddenly there she was on the steps. I will pray your dog comes home in the morning or that you can find your baby in a shelter. Visit the SPCA, the pound, and as many local vets as you can. Sometimes people think "this is my dog now". Take photo's with you, with name and number on the back so that you can leave one so if your baby does show up at one of those places the photo may spark their memory and they'll have your info as well. May God keep your baby warm and dry tonight.
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    hope you find your little critter..check on line with DOG DETECTIVES or one of the other places people check in with lost/found pets
    my thoughts and prayers are with you cat
  11. by   Mimi2RN
    Does your dog have a Home Again microchip? The shelters and vets offices scan strays, so you have a better chance of getting her back.

    Hope she comes home, it's scary out there. The other evening I had my dogs out for a walk, alongside a ponding basin I saw a dog hiding out. All I could see was it's head and pointy ears. As soon as my dog saw it she barked, and a very scared Sheltie took off running, out into the street. I hope that one found it's way home, too.
  12. by   jmgrn65
    (((((HUGS)))))) Keep us posted! I hope you find your dog.
  13. by   Grace Oz
    Can imagine how worried you must be. Hope you're soon reunited with your pooch. (((hugs)))
  14. by   prmenrs
    A few prayers for your pup and you, too.