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So we adopted this wonderful cat, about 6 years old, a year-plus ago. She was so fat she was almost spherical, and didn't much care for the board here so she lost quite a bit of weight. Not a bad... Read More

  1. by   Fuzzy
    The fur will grow back once the kitty stops licking at the areas. Excess barbering in cats can be a royal PIA to treat. Stress and boredom can have a lot to do with this. So decreasing stress by using feliway, rescue remedy, buspar, etc. will help a lot. Increasing stimulating activity like playing, chasing and hunting will work wonders on bored kitties.

    Another cause for this can be environmental and food allergies. Allergies in dogs and cats show up as dermatogic issues and not respiratory like they do in people. Dogs and cats have much more histamine in the skin than humans. So be careful with cleaning products, tobacco smoke, and other chemical type things. Also you need a good flea control program. The bite of one flea can cause some cats to lick off all of their hair. Many people feel that animals are allergic to grains more than proteins. That really is not true. It is the proteins that causes allergic reactions in most animals. The most common proteins that cause allergic dermatitis in cats are chicken and fish. So feeding a food without those proteins might help.

    Here is some more info. Common Allergies in Cats: Food Allergies, Inhalant Allergies, and Skin Problems Unfortunately the best sites VIN) are not available as they are closed sites.

    Fuzzy, CVT
  2. by   nurseprnRN
    So, we're about three weeks in to the behavior mod, kitty tranquilizers, and extra calories. The vet suggested fish oil but all I can find in the store is those teeny gelcaps, and boy, is it a hassle to squeeze the oil out of them onto crunchy treats. She does like it, though.

    We looked around at all the girls being pushy and cranky (being inside for the recent really bad weather is part of that) and started giving everyone the kitty tranqs every day. Wow! They aren't spending all their time sleeping but everyone is more ... mellow. Like they are far, far less likely to take offense at personal space "violations" and sleep on our laps or bed within inches of each other with no flattened ears and no stink-eyes cast. I really like this. We all sleep better.

    And the totally naked belly has, dare I say it, about a quarter of an inch of fur on it, and the other areas are looking a little like flocked paper, so I think those are growing in a bit.

    Better living through chemistry. I got a whole lot of the stuff on Amazon at discount.
  3. by   mc3
    Just saw this thread... GrnTea, what did your vet advise other than the Feliway? I have the same problem with my kitty but the collar/spray did not help. Tried two anti-anxiety meds (but not Prozac) with no effect. Plenty of extra tlc abounds. What was the fish oil for? I don't really want to try more meds as she seems pretty happy otherwise...
    mc 3
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    Update: I had some PMs that mentioned cats who did better off of any foods with grains, and my vet said avoid butter as a fat but fish oil and fatty fish like salmon would be better. So in addition to the Feliway atomizer, extra cuddles, and the kitty tranquilizer snacks, Kitty Naked Butt has been feasting on canned salmon (human food) with its skin and oil. No more dry crunchy food at all, and real minimal licking out human cereal bowls!

    She LOVES the salmon. Her skin is no longer scrubbed down to pink anywhere. She had gained some weight. Her fur has lost that dry, brittle character and is getting actually glossy. Best of all, she is purring more, likes being picked up for cuddles, and has gotten downright kitten-playful! She even ran up a tree in between snowstorms last week. Who knew?

    Cats do grow their coats twice a year, in spring and fall. I think that when she starts growing her spring coat she may let it come in unmolested. I am very encouraged. It seems that Feliway, tranqs, dried salmon crunchies for treats, canned salmon ad lib all day, and no grains have made for real improvement. It looks good.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Kitty Naked Butt update: The spring fur seems to be growing in a bit. The totally denuded areas from xiphoid to ankles and midaxillary line to base of tail all have fur on them, lightly; the raw pink area on the lower belly is pink no more, and shrinking in circumference as the fur grows longer around the edges. The butt is still ludicrously mostly naked although you can see what color the fur will be when it grows a bit more, and fur is growing in around her anus, vagina, and urethra in little brown tufts-- looks sort of like a really low-quality Brazilian, but what the heck.

    We have kept up with the Feliway atomizer, the kitty tranqs, and the catnip. The salmon comes and goes, but she eats the regular canned foot with vigor and doesn't seem to miss the dry crunchies at all anymore. She has suddenly become much more cuddly, the point of getting under the covers of our bed and staying all night even though her previous preferred warm place is still available, sleeping on any available lap, and right now is on top of the shelf over my desk. She dances around with that silly kittenish loop in her tail chasing imaginary somethings. And best of all, the weather is breaking, so she goes up the apple tree to the top of the carport where it joins the roof and sits in the sun. Somebody brought in a mole the other day-- I don't know if it was her, but she sure did have a good time with it.

    Her fur looks almost normal where it's normal length, and the rest of it seems to be recovering. When she licks now, it's apt to be normal grooming, not gnawing. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I think. This picture shows more pink tummy than there is now-- it's all white now.

  6. by   mc3
    Thanks for the update. Olivia seemed to be on her way to recovery, but then two feral cats started hanging around and she went berzerk! Started all over again on her upper and lower belly and inner legs (sigh). I've been feeding her grain-free food for a few years now. I tried a Feliway collar but it didn't do anything for it. She gets lots of tlc from both hubby and I. I guess I've just accepted that she's slightly neurotic! The vet says it's not doing her any harm but make sure to give her Petromalt or something similar for fur balls.
    Thanks for the update!
  7. by   Fuzzy
    Glad to hear that her hair is starting to grow back. That can take awhile on some cats. Hopefully she will let it grow back.

  8. by   nurseprnRN
    Update: The spring coat is in. Still not fully unmolested in all areas, but not so naked either. The weather has been better so she's been outside a lot and loves it. She has become ....playful! She loves a good tummy-wrestle and keeps her claws in, so it's great fun for all of us. The catnip tubs in the yard are fully grown-- two half-barrels about 2 feet across each, and the stiff is at least a foot tall-- and she loves that, too. The fur on her body is the silkiest, most beautiful fur of the whole household. She has free access to canned food, occasional crunchy treats, and is at a perfectly healthy weight. She is getting pushy enough to keep her spot on the bed from being disrupted by people under the covers. She pounces viciously on the evil bed mice, even reaching under the covers to snag them (our toes) (ouch). Turning into a really great kitty. She might always have a sorta naked butt, though.

    How do I make the pictures smaller to post on AN? I can't seem to make them less IMMENSE. Ideas?
  9. by   Fuzzy
    Wonderful!! Sounds like she is an awesome kitty.
  10. by   sharpeimom

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