Fostering animals

  1. I've started fostering cats and kittens, it's been almost a year now. In every litter I've loved at least one cat enough to keep them, but resisted. I actually brought a litter back and waited a month and came back to adopt one of the kittens. Anyone else out there doing fostering? I have a Momma at home right now that's ready to pop. She just sucks up any loving she can get, and this litter will be very human oriented. I want every one of them to find a family that loves them like children!

    Anyone else foster? When do you start handling the babies? I've been waiting until they are 2 weeks and starting to wobble around on their own feet. Let's compare notes.
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  3. by   sharpeimom
    We foster cats and kittens, but ones who have been neglected, abused, set on fire, kicked, etc. They have ranged in age from just a few days old to several years. A big issue with us is teaching them where to scratch properly. Authorized claw sharpening at our house is on a scratching post, on a cat tree, on the many corrugated cardboard scratchers we buy regularly at Walmart. They come with a little baggie of catnip and we sprinkle about 1/4 of it on when we open it up. Then when one end gets too dug up to be useful, we just flip the cardboard insert around, and when that wears out, we just flip the whole thing over and have two new sides.

    We feel the cats have a far better chance at having forever homes if they're well behaved when they leave us. We spoil all our critters absolutely rotten but, for the most part, they're fairly well behaved.
  4. by   canoehead
    That's a good idea, I hadn't thought about clawing training for the kittens. My kittens leave at between 6 and 8 weeks, and don't get into much trouble at that age, but if momma cat uses a cat tree I bet they'd be open to it in their new home. I have a litter of three at the moment, they were born Nov 24, and just starting to get around. One of the three is about half the weight of the other two, so that's concerning. I've started finger feeding her wet food, and she's gained a bit. Once before I had a runt, and the SPCA took her to a kitty ICU where she died within a day, so this one is staying with her family. I sincerely believe that removing a young kitten from mom and home is such a blow that it could very well cause death. Anyway, my runt gets gushy food and snuggles twice a day, plus her regular momma love.