Do Your Pet(s) watch TV, and if so, do they have a preference?

  1. As I write this, my 7 y.o.boy-dog, a shih-tzu who has seldom paid much attention to the television before, except to watch the weather report on the 6 PM Newscast.....Well, quite inexplicably he has been sitting about 6-7 ft. away from the TV and intently watching a very bad 2008 Vin Diesel movie titled BABYLON A.D. for a full hour and a half.
    I had been channel surfing and stopped on this 'Esquire network' to post a few things. When I came to, I realized he was really watching the movie! Why, why, why? Is he interested in an apocalyptic future? Does he think Vin Diesel is a real dog? Is he following the plot? Did he want to wait and see why Charlotte Rampling has a small part in the film?
    When the ad for the Cadbury Bunny auditions came on, he watched it, then turned and looked at me with a "REALLY?" expression on his face,
    I wonder how he is going to react when the movie ends in about 20 minutes. I wish he could discuss his critique with me, especially since I believe this is the first full length 'feature' (B-minus) movie he has ever watched in its entirety.

    So what interests your pet when the TV is on?
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  3. by   Leonardsmom,LPN
    When the TV is on most of the time the cats just ignore it. I did have one time when the play station was on (most of the time it is used as a DVD player, or to play music) that information for a music track was running across the TV screen. One of my cats got up in front of the TV and was trying to get the funny looking "mouse" that kept running around the screen. At the time he was about 6 months old, now more than a year old he is much wiser. Although he still tries to get the light mouse that makes it's appearance on the walls when the sun hits the phone screen just right.
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  6. by   StNeotser
    I tried watching BBC's Planet Earth series and one cat was constantly in front of the screen. She likes the birds chirping and the sounds of most animals it seems. Even went round the back of the TV to see if she could get them birds.