Do any of you believe in animal communicators?

  1. as some of you may know, my precious 2 year old furbaby got loose and took off with his sister 3 weeks ago. girl doggie came home, he didn't. and, yes, he's been neutered.
    i walked all over where we usually walk, drove all over everywhere, called both the county and city to see if a dog's body was found, put an ad in the newspaper offering a reward, and put up notices everywhere i could think off.
    also visited the pound several times and check their website several times a day to see what dogs have been picked up.
    he didn't have a collar on and all i can figure is that someone thought he was a stray and picked him up. hopefully they are giving him a good home.
    but i want him back.
    i spoke with an animal communicator who told me she does not communicate with lost pets, only those whose owners are having problems with them.
    then someone at work gave me the phone number of an animal communicator who specializes in lost pets. said maybe he wouldn't tell me where he is but may tell me things about why he didn't come home. not that he got lost, but perhaps he didn't like the other dog, or wanted a home with children etc.
    now, i believe in a lot of unusual stuff but this just seems far too farfetched for me to believe in.
    just wondering if any of you have had experiences with animal communicators, either good or bad. would like to hear about it.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    aw weetzie, i am so sorry for this.
    if any of my dogs/cat were missing, it would feel like one of my children, or darned close to it.

    these past few days, my cat has been sleeping atc.
    this is not her personality at all.
    her appetite remains intact, as does her elimination.
    i was just thinking today (and telling my dd) if there is really such a profession as animal psychiatry/therapy.
    i'm wondering if she's depressed.

    so yeah, i understand the curiosity and the feasibility of such a profession/talent.

    i would certainly think that if he was picked up by someone, it was w/the sole intentions of giving him a good home.
    have you checked the newspapers to look under 'lost & found'?

    my heart goes out to you.
    truly, it does.

    leslie xo
  4. by   weetziebat
    Awwww, Lessssssssssssslie :icon_hug: :kiss

    I just keep thinking of how adorable he is and all the cute ways he has. I couldn't sleep in my bed cause he always slept at my feet (all 80 lbs of him), and every time he changed position he'd first come up and give me a kiss.

    And the way he had to rest/sleep on furniture. The chair, sofa, bed. Even in the yard he had to sit on the swing. Even after 3 weeks, I cry at the thought of him.

    My neighbor was checking the newspaper ads and found one that sounded lke it might be Fowjee, so I called. But alas it wasn't.

    Yes, they are members of the family. No doubt about it. The other dog won't eat, drinks minimally and pees about once a day. Just whines and spends a lot of time under the bed, sleeping. She was 1 1/2 when we got Fowjee, so she raised him.

    I sincerely hope whatever is bothering your cat will pass quickly. Perhaps she is just not feeling well and needs rest.

    Thanks for caring, sis.
  5. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from weetziebat
    now, i believe in a lot of unusual stuff but this just seems far too farfetched for me to believe in.
    as mr. bob seger says in his recent album "the answer is in the question."


  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    so sorry Weetz! I would be crazy w/worry and sadness. My furbabies mean so much to me, too. ((((Weetzie)))
  7. by   weetziebat
    thanks deb. appreciate knowing others understand how i feel.

    and ken, yeah, guess i'm just grasping at straws to find fowjee, but since i know i wouldn't believe the animal communicator anyway, there is not much point in paying her. now, if i could say i'd give her $500. to bring him back, that i'd do. but $50. to hear that he is in a backyard with a red wheelbarrel and is pissed at me for not giving him more treats is not gonna do it.

    wonder how many people have had successful encounters with these folks?
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Weezie - there was a case here locally where an 18 year old lost her dog and didn't look at the pound in a timely manner and her dog was given to someone who came into the pound looking for a dog to adopt. Her dog did not have tags either. I guess this pound had a two day limit for the original owner to come in and collect the dog and after that they can adopt them out.

    It caused a big stink in our community - the people who adopted the dog didn't want to give the dog back. The girl who lost the dog hadn't licenced it and let it out to run in the neighborhood w/o leash.

    In the end the adoptive parents gave the dog back.

    Check with the local animal shelters to see if there is a time limit.

    As to animal communicators, I'd say no. I don't believe in them. I'm not crazy about what that guy said to you either, that he wouldn't find your dog but would tell you why the dog left you . . .like it was your fault. It was a dog, who ran with another dog and had a great time . . . your dog was not trying to punish you.

    I hope someone finds your doggy.

  9. by   weetziebat
    Thanks, Steph. Funny how some people always want to blame the victim, huh? If there is one thing I know, its that Fowjee never would have run away from home. He has my sense of direction - cross the street and I can't find the house.

    Just wish people finding dogs would attempt to find the owner instead of assuming the dogs are unwanted. I hate tight things around my neck, thus don't keep the collars on either of the dogs. Which, it turns out, was dumb. Could have had the chip implanted, but if someone had checked with the animal regulation association they would have been told I'd filed a 'lost dog' sheet right away.

    Our animal shelter will keep dogs with no I.D. for three days before allowing adoption and five days with I.D. if no one comes to claim them. They seem to find about five dogs a day so guess they would run out of room otherwise. But it can seem like a very short time, especially if you don't think of checking there rightaway. I'm thankful they have a website with photos of the dogs brought in. That helps more than just reading a brief description.

    Its good to hear the girl got her dog back. Bad experience for everyone involved.
  10. by   nursemary9
    Hi Weetzie,

    I feel so bad for you; Don't know a thing about the animal communicators.

    I had hoped that Fowjee had returned by now.

    I hope that you will still find him.

    I will tell you that Barney would not be able to find his way home, either--he has no sense of direction.

    Mary Ann
  11. by   UM Review RN
    So sorry to hear that Fowjee is lost. I hope he makes it home. I don't believe in animal communicators, but I do believe in prayer, so I'll say a prayer that he'll get home to you safe and sound, weetzie.:icon_hug:
  12. by   donsterRN
    Weetzie, I am so sorry that your dog is missing and I am praying for his safe and rapid return.

    I'm not sure how I feel about animal communicators; I guess there will always be things I don't understand. Perhaps this is one of them. I sincerely hope that Fowjee returns quickly.


  13. by   weetziebat
    Well, sounds like the general concensus is a 'no' to animal communicators. Which is how I feel, but always good to get others opinions, no?

    Mary Ann, funny how I always thought dogs have excellent ability to find their way, but Fowjee never ventured more than a block from me, and when we went to the dog park it was by truck cause its ~10 miles away. So he'd be totally lost just a few blocks away. Unlike Bronte, who is prone to taking off for 15 minutes or so, whenever she can. Then home she comes. Obviously they didn't stay together that night.

    Angie, I almost didn't recognize you with a different avatar! Thanks for you opinion and prayers are always welcomed.

    Don, thanks so much for your prayers also. I'm kinda losing hope of finding him being its been 3 1/2 weeks, but still praying. Helpless feeling, KWIM?
  14. by   CHATSDALE
    sorry about the loss..if he come home try the chip, a lot of people will take the found dog to a vet and if he doesn't have a chip they will take him hom
    check with the vet offices and see if they remember him being brought in

    best wishes for a happy reunion