Any horse lovers out there?

  1. While meandering through the numerous threads on allnurses, I see several people with either horse related pictures, or riding related usernames. I was curious to see how many nurses enjoy horses, have one of their own, and who out there rides!

    As a pre-nursing student, I'm a bit worried about finding time to follow my passion for riding once I enter my ABSN program (haven't been accepted yet, but I'm thinking positively!). I've been riding for over 10 years, primarily hunter/jumper which I competed heavily with my own horse during my first BS degree. I did a brief stint of 3-day eventing in Texas and absolutely loved it, but once I moved back to south Florida, I found that it is pretty well nonexistent this far south. However, the bright side is that the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) is basically my back yard, so I get to go to the big Grand Prix competitions and watch the Olympic riders. I am actually tutoring young riders this coming circuit on the show grounds themselves! It will be fun to hang around horses all day without the pressure of competition. Extra bonus, we will be located right next to the pony ring (those little ones on ponies are the cutest thing ever).

    Currently, I ride with my friend who owns some top notch Dutch Warmblood horses. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing friend who is willing to let me ride these fabulous competition horses for free. I don't have the time or money to have my own horse or compete, but I'm hoping to be a horse owner again someday.

    So now that I've told you my rather long-winded abbreviated story (I swear this is the shortened version!), I want to hear about yours!

    (Wasn't sure whether this should be under "hobbies" or "animals", but I figured there are probably plenty of horse lovers who don't have the time or money to make horses their hobby.)
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  3. by   Ninja By Night
    I have been riding since I was one year old and my mom set me on the back of a pony at a birthday party for a ride. If I could have had a career in the equestrian world I would have jumped at the chance, but nursing pays the bills a little better. Maybe someday I'll go and get a therapy instructor certification so I can get my fix of passion for rehabing patients and spend time with horses at the same time. Right now I don't even have the money to lease a horse but I am hopeful.
  4. by   Quendi
    That's such a great way to give back! I worked with Horses and the Handicapped for a while. They actually kept a couple of their horses at the barn where I kept mine. Do you have a preference for riding discipline?

    You definitely made the right choice for careers. The poor economy has really hit the horse industry hard. I spent most of high school planning to be a trainer, but once I hit college I realized I loved biology. Cue the plans for a equine veterinary degree, which never panned out once I realized they make little money. I think in the end, it's for the best. Making a hobby your career is not always a good thing. Instead, I'll pursue my love of science and medicine, and enjoy my riding as an escape from reality.
  5. by   Wrench Party
    ^ Lol. I followed the same type of thinking of Quendi: I was definitely going to college to be a veterinary epidemiologist, went to a Research I institution based on their animal and ag programs, and its vet school was ranked one of the top in the country. I was going to ride on the equestrian team. I was going to own my own farm by 30 and my research career would be awesome.

    Fast forward 15 years later, I took a lot of life detours. I just got back into trail riding retired horses a few years ago, became a nurse, and have just now found a trainer I like and have started to look for my first horse as an adult. (A nice young gaited horse with athletic potential for versatility, maybe some local jumper shows. I raised them as a kid and think it's a shame they're not more widely used for the equestrian disciplines. But that's a topic for another day!)