A Frustrating Morning...

  1. i am so angry and frustrated right now that i feel as though i may blow a fuse at the moment.

    we just had a very frustrating fifteen minutes on the phone. aarruuuggghhh! shortly after we got up this morning, frank, our eleven year old neutered cat peed in an antique sterling silver dish that had been my great grandmother's. it was sitting on the floor, where it had fallen down. we have 12 oversized litter pans which are cleaned daily morning and night. frank has never ever sprayed or gone
    ooutside of the box in his whole life -- not once... not ever.

    we called the clinic we have used since 1981. that's thirty years or three entire decades!
    our instructions are to call ahead to tell them we're on the way, then bring the animal out
    when something suddenly crops up that even might be serious or if the animal seems uncomfortable
    or in pain. our vet and his wife are friends of ours and we have their home number and cells, but
    this wasn't that type of emergency.

    "good morning! ___ ___ clinic" (unfamiliar voice)
    "hi! this is ___ jones (fake) and i'm calling about franklin the cat, who is 11. he peed outside
    the litterbox this morning and he's never done that before. he seems uncomforta---"

    "what did you say your name was again?"
    "__ jones. "
    "___ jones. j-o-n-e-s"
    "jones! jones! j-o-n-e-s! like the car dealership that advertises on channel 35 all the time."

    "speak up, lady! quit mumbling and then maybe i could hear you!"
    "my first name is ___!

    "i'm leaving now to bring frankie out."
    "huh?....you can't do that! i didn't give you permission!"

    phone rings...

    "hi! this is jon. (the vet) what's going on with frankie?"
    i give him a quick run down and tell him frank and ___ are enroute.
    "good decision"

    phone rings again...

    "this is ___ at the __ __ clinic! i just wanted you to know that you and your ^&*#@$% husband
    just got me yelled at and #$%^&ed out and i just wanted you %$#@ers to know that i can $%^& up
    your animals' care whenever i want!"

    i just hung up.

    now that i don't have smoke coming out of both ears and have calmed down a little bit, my question is,
    do we just forget it completely, or do i assume the vet would want to know about this flake? i know they have some serious issues going on with one of their children and i suspect that's how this wingnut
    got hired to begin with. but if she was that unprofessional and rude with me, she'll do it with others too.
    my concern is that i don't want it to negatively affect his practice.

    i forgot to mention the condescending five minute lecture on the need to keep litter pans clean and the admonishment that we are no one special and deserve no special tx. didn't think we did.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    That's abusive and she threatened you. Tell.

  4. by   sharpeimom
    thanks steph!

    herb is home and they kept frankie (as we knew they would.) the remaining staff were tippytoeing around and being extra extra nice to both herb and frank, so they knew we who never get that upset,
    were about to blow.

    they know and the swift pain won't last very long, i suspect. (i hope... unless she adjusts her attitude
    quite a bit.)
  5. by   TopazLover
    Report it. No question about it!

    I should not matter if you have been clients for 100 years or a brand new client. No one should be exposed to this person.
  6. by   sharpeimom
    thanks aky!

    she's human??!!

    our animals have always received excellent care and we just don't want that to change now.
    our vet's philosophy is that he'd rather examine 100 animals who end up being healthy than to
    miss one animal who could have been tx or saved. we don't hit the panic button easily, but we
    do make either an appointment or a quick trip if an animal seems to be in sudden or unexplained
    distress. those were the instructions we were given and that we follow.

    it's always been a clinic that treats clients and their critters more like family than customers and we hate to see that change because of one fruit loop.
  7. by   sharpeimom
  8. by   sharpeimom
    quick update:

    they kept him all day and the jerk called my husband's cell and said frankie could be picked up by 6:00. he went out and she had goofed again. it was the olsens she was to have called about their
    italian mastiff puppy who had had his teeth cleaned and not us. our last name is no where even
    close to sounding like olsen... only about 150# difference there... frank is ginger and cream and weighs about 9# and that pup is just a little bit bigger and black.

    herb spoke to the vet, who wants to keep him until tomorrow to watch longer. he knew we're upset and won't charge us for this trip.
  9. by   leslie :-D
    was this person's behavior reported?
    (i'm wondering why she's still working there...it's going to hurt the vet's business.)

    and what did they find with frankie and his dx?
    does cat pee stain sterling silver?

  10. by   sharpeimom
    we reported her and i think at least one staffer said something. this clinic has been a wonderful and caring place to take our beloved fur kids. when we went to my uncle's retirement celebration 1000 miles away, and our last shar pei cried in the kennel, the vet took him home with him for the week. they're really special people.

    he said how hard it is to get good help now, but i suspect she's on very very thin ice tonight. remember ralph kramden's "one... two... three... bang zoom!" line? i suspect she's up to 2 7/8ths right about now.

    we caught frankie as he went and the bowl is fine. we don't know what's up with frankie yet. i'll post when we know something more. he had a pretty complete battery of tests in february when he had his teeth cleaned and had his immunizations.

    thanks les!
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    I don't know about your vet, but if his practice were MY business, I'd think no help at all would be better than "help" like this so-called receptionist.

    Wonder if they still have a little thing called charm school?
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm still puzzled about why you would take a cat to the vet for peeing in a silver bowl.

    Cats love to mark their territory and how do you really know your cat didn't mark things when you weren't at home?

    Just curious -
  13. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Wonder if they still have a little thing called charm school?
    i took charm class in 7th grade.
    if i recall correctly, my teacher seemed to be very irritated by my presence.
    who woulda thought?

  14. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from spidey's mom
    i'm still puzzled about why you would take a cat to the vet for peeing in a silver bowl.

    cats love to mark their territory and how do you really know your cat didn't mark things when you weren't at home?

    just curious -

    because it's a completely new behavior. cats in this house most certainly do not randomly urinate outside our dozen oversized litter pans. frank is almost twelve and has never ever done such a thing.
    he was not taken to the vet as a punishment and we didn't yell at him for doing it. it might have been a sign of a uti or an obstruction. the symptoms are the very same. he has always been a nervous high strung cat. the no-kill shelter where we adopted him warned us about how hyper he can be.

    we're unbelievably lucky how well our cats get along. they are all neutered or spayed and all are indoor only. their great love is our enclosed sun porch. they have cat tunnels for them to play in, five cat trees that are six feet tall or higher, cat toys, cat beds, catnip toys, balls, cat stands, multiple cat scratchers, multiple water dishes throughout the house, and on and on and on... not that they're spoiled, of course! we have a 4500 sq. ft. house so each cat has lots of private space.

    the vet thinks frank may be getting a little bit senile and that's causing his stress level to soar through the roof. we pick him up in an hour. he was given an injection of a long lasting abx "just in case something is starting" some prozac to try, and a couple of feliway diffusers to try. feliway is hormones
    and phremones (sp.?) and mellows out cats and helps them get along.

    here's hoping it works...