Why do sharks swim around you before they eat you?

  1. 7 All, I got this from a friend and just had to share something that made me laugh out loud. If there's a forum just for sick jokes, someone can move it there.

    Two great white sharks swimming in the ocean spied survivors of a sunken ship. "Follow me, son," the father shark said to the son shark and they swam to the mass of people.

    "First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing." And they did.

    "Well done, son! Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing." And they did.

    "Now we eat everybody." And they did.

    When they were both gorged, the son asked, "Dad, why didn't we just eat them all at first? Why did we swim around and around them?"

    His wise father replied, "Because they taste better without the **** inside!"

    No need to thank me, I just try to learn something new every day.
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    LOL! Very Funny! LOL!
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    Yeah but then there is poo in the broth (sea water). . . . . .
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    AND that is why I do not swim in the ocean- no way!!
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    "Jaws" was just on the telly the other night. Even though it as filmed locally and I know "Bruce," the shark, was mechanical, it's still enough to make me jump sometimes.
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    I thought they swam around first to clear their palate!

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