What do you feed your dog?

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    Did you know, what you feed your dog affects their health?

    Did you know, if you buy your dog food in the grocery store, there is a 99% chance it is terrible dog food?

    Did you know, that many vets are NOT great resources for pet food advice, and many accept kickbacks to hawk various corn filled dog foods? sometimes it's hard to know, if they don't know,
    or don't care,
    but many a vet can be heard to recommend crappy dog foods like Purina, Eukanuba, Alpo, Beneful, Science Diet, Iams, etc

    HERE IS A GREAT SITE to check up on what you are feeding your beloved dog:

    I used to use grocery store dog food, because I didn't know anything about dog nutrition. I figured, if it costs a bit, and has a good name on the bag, and my vet says it's good, then, it is probably good dog food. Plus, look, the first ingredient is meat, so I figured the bulk of what is in that bag, is meat.

    Wrong, if only one or two ingredients in top 5 are meat, there might be barely any meat in that entire bag. The ingredients are listed by weight, and meat is weighed prior to being dehydrated, when it is still 80% water. The protein %, listed on the side, includes plant proteins, not a reliable indicator of how much meat is in the bag.

    Once the meat is dehydrated, into powder form, it falls way further down the list...way further down.

    Dog food labels, and understanding what you DO want to see---meat by name, (like chicken, beef,) not the word "meat", meal-- (partially dehydrated meat), probiotics,

    And what you DON'T want to see, ---corn, cellulose, soy, wheat, flour, brewer's rice, byproducts, animal digest,

    can be a lil overwhelming, if you are learning from scratch the way I had to.

    I feed my dog "CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE DOG LOVER'S SOUL" dog food.

    ~There *ARE* better dog foods~

    the "grain free" kind, but those tend to be CHOCKFUL OF POTATOES, and give my dog gas. Eough! But every dog is different. And sadly, I really can not afford those right now anyway...

    But "Chicken Soup" dog food is a very nutritious high quality dog food,
    at an affordable price, and I supplement every bowl with a wide variety of meat, poultry or fish scraps, occasionally a fish oil capsule busted open.

    The first FOUR ingredients are meat, TRY TRY TRY TO FIND THAT ON ANY BAG!! (only one dog food has more, is Orijen, but, that one iS full of potatoes)

    and it contains
    NO CORN, (is indigestible to dogs, is only a filler)
    no poisonous preservatives,
    no carcinogens,
    no byproducts (that is like, beaks and hooves)
    no animal digest (you do not want to know what THAT is!)
    contains no soy
    no wheat,
    no fillers!!
    No cardboard either, "cellulose" it's called on the label.

    (no gas-inducing potatoes, either)

    and does contain quality grains, many fruits and veggies, antioxidants, omega 3s and 6s, flaxseeds, probiotics, etc etc.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~`IS MADE IN AMERICA,

    and it only costs about $1 a pound.

    Because my dog is super active, I supplement it with a few meat scraps on top, and this food is a tad low on fats for a dog as active as mine is, so I occasionally add in drops of fish oil for his coat a few times a week.

    When I rescued my dog, he was "life threateningly malnourished" and could barely walk, had fur like dried straw.................... and now MY DOG CAN RUN LIKE THE WIND, HAS A GLAMOUROUS COAT AND LOOKS LIKE A SHOW DOG!

    If you DO choose to change your dog's food, SWAP OUT DOG FOOD SLOWLY, only a few kibbles at a time, over one or 2 weeks. Rapid swap outs of dog food can give some dogs diarrhea and all kinds of problems, but, if done slowly, works out fine.

    'd love to 'raw feed' my dog,
    but, i can't afford this right now, and my dog dislikes raw foods,
    and my family is resistant to the idea.
    But, here is great site for raw feeders:

    ALSO, "diet" or low fat dog food
    is often a great way to ruin the dog's coat. Dogs NEED a certain amount of fats to have nice skin and fur,
    so just feed "normal" dog food,
    but LESS of it, and slowly increase dog's activity level.
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    From one crazy dog lover to another.....great information. I go to the butcher and ask for RAW marrow bones about 4 inches long I freeze them and give them to my weimy. They clean her teeth, the don't splinter, and they and nutrients and iron without calories. SHE LOVES THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always read the label of all the foods that come into my house including my pet food. There are some really good brands out there that are great and not expensive.....you just have to shop with knowledge...this site provides that.


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    I buy what's on sale. And get them rawhide and raw bones to chew on. They are perfectly healthy and not overweight like some doxie's tend to get. Cat gets on sale stuff too.

    Sometimes I mix bacon fat in with the food.

    The info you posted was interesting and I'll look a bit closer at the label but I'm still going with the least expensive way I can find. So far, we've had no negative outcomes.
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    We have a new puppy at our house, so this is great information for me. (If I were more computer savvy, I'd post a picture of him)
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    Love the pic--what a life your pooch has.
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    Food? did someone say food?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The biggest threat I am aware of is chicken from China. Read all labels. many name brands use Chinese materials. These have caused many deaths due to liver failure and other terrible diseases. Things that "sound safe" are not. AKC treats are not safe, Milo's- not safe. Off the top of my head I cannot recall all the brands. The important thing to remember is NO Chinese anything. I discovered that brands from Canada are also listed as unsafe and they do not give nation of origin so I suspect China.

    The other bit of wisdom for those who are just learning about dogs: Don't change their food suddenly. Many will be bad diarrhea. Dogs hate to make a mess and some people will yell at them for messing the rug, etc. Look in the mirror and yell.

    Dogs are forgiving of all of our bad behaviors. That is not an excuse to continue them.
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    Our two shar pei eat Blue. It contains whole lamb chunks and brown rice. No wheat, soy, etc. They don't do
    well with grains at all. It's what our breeder uses. They chew on Nylabones instead of regular bones or rawhide.

    Also per breeder, we only buy Old Mother Hubbard brand treats.

    Our kitties eat Blue cat food. We use pieces of kibble as cat treats.

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    Raw feeding 6 dogs, 2 tinys and 4 bigguns. Currently paying ~ .69 a pound for chicken quarters. Works out to be cheaper than dog food, and the output is much easier to deal with. It's been about a year now, all are well and happy.
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    I feed my Pug anything that doesn't give her gas. That means Iams weight control kibble and the occasional chicken scraps from dinner.

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