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Presenting Sullivan

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    We have a new kitty.

    A rescue from a rural area, Sullivan was living under a deck after likely being dumped by someone.

    He likes butter, sticking his head in the toilet and being a peeper.

    He chirps like a cricket.

    So different than Arlo.
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    Sullivan is pretty.
    Did he get a bath?
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    He looks a lot like my Mickey kitty! He's beautiful.....what a lucky cat.
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    He's a gorgeous cat!
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    The cattitude is strong in this one. He'll have you trained to put the toilet cover down within the week, or you'll get some cold wet buttcheeks. My cats love butter, but it gives them the runs, so they only get what they can sneak. I love his gorgeous tail.
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    Sullivan is absolutely adorable, but nothing if not determined! He looks similar to our Franklin Roosevelt. Frankie loves to play in the john too and delights in drowning his toys.

    I think one of the neatest thing about cats is how different they are from their housemates and siblings. We have ten cats and two dogs and they are all their own "people."

    I'm so glad Sullivan has is furrever home after such a rough beginning.