Find The Kitteh Contest

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    How is this a contest? I found the kitteh, now what??
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    I found it too! What did I win????
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    free kisses for the winners

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    I have 3 cats right now, fat, lazy long-hairs. Two Maine-Coons that shed everywhere, and a Hemingway complete with extra digits on each paw. I live with a lint-roller in my hand! I love them dearly, and they are truly "babies," but I keep saying once these die off, I am done with cats!
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    That was scary

    I was expecting a screaming face to appear after 10 seconds :uhoh21:
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    Quote from Jackfackmasta
    That was scary

    I was expecting a screaming face to appear after 10 seconds :uhoh21:
    LOL! I hate those. I'm getting too old to be frightened.
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    Quote from Anxious Patient
    free kisses for the winners can keep the cat kisses, but I'll be glad to take a 6-pack of Sapporo off your hands...

    ----- Dave
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    Do the cat kisses come with a side of benedryl....and minus the sand paper tongue?
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    for those allergic, a consolation prize

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