Woo Hoo I'm Pregnant

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    Just found out I'm pregnant . I am happy and scared to death all at the same time. Having some horrible morning sickness. I have found ginger candy seems to help.. We aren't telling too many people yet since it's still early, but I had to tell all of my friends here at AllNurses..

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    Congrats!! :-) try ginger lemon tea, it helped me
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    When I was pregnant with my first and working at an LTC, a resident gave me an old home 'remedy' for morning sickness. She told me forget eating crackers before getting out of bed and all the other things that have been passed down the generations. I had tried every one of the home remedies, wives tails etc to no avail.

    Potato chips! Plain potato chips. Worked like a charm For both pregnancies...as well as all my friends and family who became pregnant after me. Love those potato chips, saved me from morning after morning of wretching
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    moved to breakroom.....
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    Is this your first baby?
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    Congrats!!!! I love little babies!!!

    Snug, love, and lot's kisses!!!!
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    [FONT=Georgia MS]Congratulations!
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    Congrats! It's so weird how every pregnancy is different. I didn't really have morning sickness with my 3, a little nausea here and there but that was it. My newest one is almost 14 months and ice chips worked. Congrats and good luck!!!
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