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Welcome Jazzleen!

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    Just wanted to let all my friends here at AN that I became a grandmother again at 0135 this morning. Jazzleen Frederica Patricia is 7 lb. on the dot, and 18 1/2 inches long. Proud parents are my son Christopher (who turned 25 yesterday) and his wife Kathleen.

    WELCOME to the world, my sweet granddaughter!!
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    Won't let me open the attachments . . . .
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    Well, how weird is that?? I can open them just fine........hmmm.Welcome Jazzleen!-imagejpeg_0-1-jpgWelcome Jazzleen!-imagejpeg_0-2-jpgWelcome Jazzleen!-imagejpeg_0-jpg Well, anyway, here she is!
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    Congratulations on your new granddaughter, Viva. She is definitely a cutie and it must be exciting to see another new member of the future generation of your family come into fruition.
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    LOOK AT THAT HAIR-DO!!!! I love it!!

    She is beautiful! Happy Birthday Jazzleen!!!
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    What a beutiful baby girl!
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    Awwww . . . . a newborn baby. I do miss that time when I was a L&D nurse. Not the labor part or the scary delivery part.

    Very cute and thanks for posting the photos another way so I could see them.

    Just about 7 weeks until I get to do the same. Yippee.
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    Jazzleen arrived at almost exactly the same weight as my 10 week old granddaughter....she was 6:15 and 18 1/2.

    Spidey's mom: I know how the waiting feels....it's worth it!
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    Congrats to you and yours, Viva! She's beautiful!!!
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    Congratulations, Marla! She's absolutely adorable! I love her hair! I don't think I had that much hair when I was two!

    Welcome to the world, Jazzy!
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    She is absolutely adorable! Aren't grandkids the greatest?
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    They sure are---I just wish I'd had the grandkids FIRST!