warning, very gross, even for nurses.....but I need help

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    My husband has an almost constant mucus, snotty, drip hanging from his nose. It (this turns my stomach as I type it) it is at least 1/2 inch to an inch long, clear colored. It has been going on for over 5 years.

    He is in good health for 66 years old. Sees a doctor more often than I do. But has never seen a doctor for this problem. Just regular check ups, on several meds for hypertension, his BP is in good control. He used to drink a lot but stopped a year ago?

    He smokes a pipe (for 40 + years). I don't know why he doesn't feel this snot! Has pipe smoking deadened the sensation in his nares...tip of his nose?

    I shudder to think of him out and about talking to neighbors, service people, with a string of snot hanging from his nose!

    I hand him tissue.....but I, and he, get tired of that....and he sometimes gets annoyed ....."I know I need to blow my nose! I don't know why I get these allergies?" (If that is what it is???)

    I don't know how to calmly tell him....."honey your nose turns my stomach.....TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!" That doesn't come out to well........"honey I'm worried about your allergies, runny nose.....maybe you should ask your doctor?"

    I imagine....predict...he would give excuses why he wouldn't do that, or that the doctor wouldn't do anything.....or that medication to for allergies would raise his BP....or those pills for allergies never work for me...etc..

    How do I give a nice sugar coated ultimatum that he has to do something about his nose!

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    Why not go with him to his next doctor appointment? Then you can bring it up and know that the doc is made aware of the issue. It could be that he is also embarrassed, to the point he doesn't want to mention it to the doctor.
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    I saw an episode of Mystery Diagnosis several years ago when it was discovered that a woman's nasal drip was not actually snot, but csf resulting from a pin-sized defect in her maxillary sinus, I think. I looked for the episode but since Oprah bought Discovery Health Channel my search was in vain, owing to the website apparently believing that all anyone cares about is Oprah, and all things Oprah.

    It's highly unlikely your husband has that problem because she had other symptoms, but it might worry him enough to get it evaluated by the doctor, which is what needs to happen. Good luck!
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    CSF??! You'll scare the man to death! However,smoke from a pipe could cause changes to the sinus cavities and nares (like cancer) There are lots of allergy meds on the market that do not cause HTN.I think using a saline lavage is the best thing ever-once to twice a day.But he really needs to be checked to see if he has allergies or something else is going on. If that was my husband there would be no "sugar coating" Sit him down and tell him what kind of impression he is making when he is out and about and inform him that you will not be appearing in public with him until her does something about it.I don't want to scare or offend you but a normal persondoes not walk around with a runner of snot hanging from the end of his nose.I work on a dementia unit-it's very common there.Use that analogy,that should get him to the doc's stat.
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    As per the TOS we can't offer medical advice but we can help you lead your husband to get it checked out.

    I would just say.....I love you but your runny nose is driving me nuts! I am terrified that it is more than "just a few allergies". If you won't ask your doctor I'm coming with you and ask him myself.
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    Not giving advice, just making a comment. Infections are rarely treated "thoroughly" because they aren't educated or they ignore the teaching and stop medications when they feel better. If I can get people to understand one thing about antibiotics, it would be to completely finish your treatment regimen. Colds that live past treatment fails are dangerous and can lead to a myraid of problems as bad as a CSF leak. I would definately get him some Physician Attention on that.
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    Quote from ktwlpn
    CSF??! You'll scare the man to death! However,smoke from a pipe could cause changes to the sinus cavities and nares (like cancer)
    It may be just cancer, but sometimes overstating things provides the nudge to get the recalcitrant individual to haul his butt in and get it checked out . . .
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    If someone who I perceived to be a credible Healthcare Professional, told me I was dripping CSF from my nose, I would haul my butt to an ER really quick- just as soon as I come too from passing out.

    I agree with "L56," that would definitely make me get some medical help- but then again snot hanging out of my nostril would too- so maybe I wouldn't have to change pants for a spontaneous bowel incontinence as well!
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    Maybe you should accompany him to the doctor and make sure that a doctor has seen it.
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    Could possibly be allergies. Take him to an allergist for skin allergy testing. If nothing else they'll recommend and prescribe a nasal antihistamine to dry it up. And if he tries to be cheap and go for the Afrin, remember to D/C after 3 days!!

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