These are our kids

  1. 3 And I couldn't be prouder ... even though I've never met a one of them.

    ETA: please pay no attention to the lefty nature of the sites ... these are not political videos - unless you view the overwhelming classiness of these young folk as political.
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    Thank you!
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    A fairly conservative male friend of mine sent the first one to me. I was warmed by it, as I was the second one.

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    this cynical old broad, is filled with hope once again.
    love both videos.
    the 1st one made me cry and the 2nd one...
    well, let's just say i am loudly singing that john lennon song as i type this.
    "give peace a chance".

    something so pure and divine...
    it shouldn't be an issue at all.

    thanks for these, heron.
    made my day.

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