nurses as hoarders

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    Are there a lot of hoarders who are nurses or a lot of nurses who are hoarders? Interesting concept.

    Interview with owner of DisasterMasters
    , cleaning service in NY:

    Who is most likely to be a compulsive hoarder?
    Alford says that through his work he has noticed that "the people who suffer the
    most from compulsive hoarding are people in the health care industry"
    . Health care worker, nurses, social workers, and even psychiatrists are among his clients. He says this is because some health care workers are so focused on helping others that they never get around to learning how to take care of themselves.

    The second largest group of compulsive hoarders consists of schoolteachers and professors, says Alford.
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    These guys must've seen my desk.
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    I do not hoard, I collect. :P

    I am not BAD, I promise. I am not TV show worthy, I promise.
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    My bedroom may or may not resemble something on a hoarders documentary, but I always make sure that my patients rooms are neat and tidy.
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    Hey- how did you get access to my hall closet?
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    true hoarding to me, is a devastating mental illness, that spirals so out of control that it impedes the hoarder from having healthy loving relationships;
    creates havoc on all family members and friends;
    and takes a long time to try and recondition their thought processes.

    i too am a "collector"...
    can't resist them bargains, lol.
    but i can also understand and acknowledge that i probably didn't need those bargain italian leather shoes that weren't even my size.
    hoarders cannot understand these concepts.

    i do however, possess one (conscious) borderline quality that may qualify me as a hoarder...
    as i do not know when or how to stop buying vintage fabrics.
    whether it is fabric from a bolt, a tablecloth, a skirt, a bedspread (etc)...
    if i love the fabric and it is a steal of a price, i get it.
    go ahead...just ask the gazillion packed boxes in my garage.

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    I was absolutely a hoarder of dressing supplies when I worked home care!!! I had 6 crates in my trunk! Nothing worse that admitting a pt and not having what's ordered for wound care with you. I made damn sure that didn't happen to me. Lol.
    I also have a very organized hoard of paper crafting supplies.
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    My mother is definitely borderline. I never realized how bad it was as a child, I just thought our house was messy.. She's a nurse as well.
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    Step away from my pen hoard, erg, stash, uhm, collection!
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    Interesting topic, though I have to admit that I too like to buy stuff, but only at a good price mind you. Though I am always giving away unwanted items or things that I decided that I did not need. Am I a hoarder, maybe the beginning of one, like most of us it seems.

    I do know about others but I find myself noting that with having to be so focused and controlled that when I get home I let go of the control, just to find peace and to clear my mind. So with that said, my house can get topsy turvey, but then my OCD kicks in and I spend hours cleaning and getting it back into order... well most of it anyway, my room is still my sanctuary.

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