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    I am pregnant and due in 12 weeks. My 16 year old lives with his dad because he didn't want to move and leave his friends. I understand that. My fiancee does not want to move, but I want to move home. My fiancee will not let me move with the baby. He is very much excited about this baby, it's his first. My only option is to move home and leave the baby with him. What should I do?
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    This sounded familiar so I did a search for your threads.

    I think the consensus in the one linked about was that you owe your allegience to your son and should have moved back where he lived. You asked for advice but didn't take it - Now you have a new baby on the way and still live away from your son. Why are you asking advice again? Will you take it?

    Again, move home WITH the new baby. This guy is a "fiance" . . . he hasn't married you. No real commitment there. Anyone who would keep a person from being a good mother and being close to her son is NOT a decent human being. You've complicated things by making a baby with this person.

    MOVE HOME! Don't even talk to your "fiance" about this - while he is at work, pack up your things and GO!
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    Why is leaving the baby with him the only option? I say move home and let the family court work things out with the fiance once the baby is born. If this is the same guy as your previous thread, getting away from him sounds like the healthy option. However, these are questions you can only answer, and all we can do is offer suggestions for you to think about.
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    Huh? Leave the baby? Go home with your baby... Please don't leave your baby behind as this could back fire on you?

    I hope the "Two" of you can reason this out and put the kids first. Let your future husband know that you love and need both of your

    kids in your lives. If he is mature and really loves you, he will understand. I say this as a much older mother and

    I have done my share of dumb mistakes in the past as a young woman too, and I thank God he gave me another chance!

    Oh, boy... Please, think smart my dear... I am not here to judge you at all, I am just concerned for your future well-being.

    Take Care and Best Wishes for the New Year!

    Hope all goes well for you!!!!
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    PS: After reading your old tread... and now this one... Sounds like you really need to go home, right?

    Many you be safe and at peace.

    ~Take Care~
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    I feel like this is going to fall on deaf ears but all of us saying the same thing in so many different words might get through.

    Go. Go to a shelter if necessary. Do not let him know where you are or where you are going. Have the child without him. After the child is born he can be told by someone that bit of info. If you list him as the father on the birth certificate you will be inviting problems for the next 20 years or so. You can get out still. Do it.

    Normally none of us give any such advice. We encourage people to think through the issues. Given your previous comments and the sound of desperation in your new plea I think many of us are willing to put aside our more neutral comments.
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    What on earth? This post alone wouldn't sound so crazy if it weren't coupled with your last thread.

    Stories like this is why stereotypes like this exist:

    This guy is a "fiance" . . . he hasn't married you. No real commitment there.
    Moving and leaving a 16 year old behind in the care of his father is one thing, and it's understandable. However, I would think leaving a child behind for any reason at any age would be one of the hardest things a mother could ever do. Now, you're thinking of doing it twice?

    Too little, too late....but you should devote as much of yourself to your children as you do to your male companions and this would stop being an issue.
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    Are you for real! Your homesick so your answer is to leave your baby behind! What is wrong with this world!
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    Seriously, stop leaving your children. If you make them, take care of them.
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