The Importance Of Veterans Day

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    Veterans Day, a federal holiday to honor all veterans (living or deceased), is frequently overshadowed by Memorial Day. However, both holidays are not the same. Our veterans of the armed forces have given so much of themselves, and it is time for us to give our deepest gratitude to them.

    The Importance Of Veterans Day

    Veterans Day, a federal holiday that is celebrated on November 11th of each year, is a time to honor both living and deceased veterans of the armed forces for each and every one of their sacrifices, efforts, and selfless dedication to their country.

    Veterans Day is a date where we shall observe military veterans for all that they have done for us: many of these men and women have visited hostile foreign nations during deployments, been placed in dangerous situations, and allowed their personal lives to be placed on hold as they served for themselves, their families, and the citizens of their country.

    Veterans Day often dwells in the formidable shadow of Memorial Day; however, both holidays carry much significance and one is not more important than the other. While Memorial Day is a holiday intended to remember and honor the very brave men and women who have lost their lives at war, Veterans Day is designed to honor and appreciate all American veterans who have ever existed, dead or currently living.

    The military men and women who have answered the call to duty and the call of their country deserve our greatest gratitude because they have forgone so much to maintain our freedoms. And, as you all know, freedom is definitely not free.

    These armed forces veterans of past and present have given so much of themselves while receiving so little in return, so it is imperative that we give our heartfelt thanks. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Veterans Day is the perfect time to show that we care about our vets.

    The vast majority of Americans have not served one single day in the armed forces, yet they cherish and welcome the advantages of peace, freedom, safety, and well-being that have been made possible through the struggles made by courageous veterans of yesteryear and today.

    I am fully cognizant that my ability to sit at home in relative safety and comfort is made entirely possible because military men and women have relinquished their safety and comfort while unselfishly serving their country.

    Heroes come in different shapes and colors.

    The frail elderly nursing home resident who participated in the Invasion of Normandy during World War II in 1944 is a hero to us all. The 25-year-old store clerk who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan is a hero. The kindly grandfather who served in the Korean War is a hero, and the homeless veteran of the Vietnam War is very much a hero. The 50-year-old woman who spent twenty years of service in the United States Navy is a hero.

    We owe these men and women so very much for everything they have done.

    If you see a veteran today, please thank this person and let him or her know how much you value their service.

    Happy Veterans Day!
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    Coming from a family with many members who have served and are serving in the military, I appreciate this article. It was beautifully written and fully expressed the gratitude our veterans so deserve. Thank you for writing it.
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    Quote from MusicalCoffee
    Coming from a family with many members who have served and are serving in the military, I appreciate this article. It was beautifully written and fully expressed the gratitude our veterans so deserve. Thank you for writing it.
    Thank you for providing your honest feedback on it!
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    Thank you Commuter.
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    I'm glad that Ike signed the law that converted Armistice Day to Veteran's Day but it's good to remember the history. The Armistice that ended hostilities in WWI started on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. That was called the war to end all wars. How I wish that were true.

    Thank you for the article and for honoring those who have served and those who are serving still.

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