Great Military BT Course - just for us!

  1. This is an incredible army course for civilian medical personnel, interactive, comprehensive, case study presentations, satellite dowlinked all over the U.S., FREE, and taught by the top military experts. If a local hospital is not providing the live downlink, call your local health department. They probably are sponsoring it. Be safe!
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  3. by   eventsnyc
    Thanks Breanna!

  4. by   breanna
    By the way, CEUs are granted and they hand out excellent books including the "Blue Book" - The Army Field Manual which includes excellent pull out charts on all potential agents. That book alone is about $50. The case studies are incredible and you work with experts. The case studies are actual historical cases so actual outcome is also reviewed. Again, it is free. They want all of us "field" personnel to know how to define an attack, who to notify, what to do.
    The only thing done poorly is their publicizing of this resource.