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Outlined below are the 5 membership levels available to you: Guest, Registered, Premium, Platinum, and Guide. Platinum members are provided with the most perks; including No Ads, Faster Page Loading Time, and many more as outlined below.

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Membership Basic Permissions

Status Guest Registered Premium Platinum Guide
Can View Currently Active Users x x x x
Can Create Threads x x x x
Can Comment x x x x
Can Upload Custom Avatars* x x x x
Can Upload Profile Picture* x x x x
Maximum Private Messages To Send At Once * 1 30 30 30
Maximum Stored Private Messages * 25 500 3000 3000
Can Edit Username Once Every 365 days 180 days 30 days 30 days
Can Upload Attachments* 10 MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

* requires 15+ posts

Membership Additional Benefits

Status Guest Registered Premium Platinum Guide
Username Color Green Blue Gold
Can Use PM Message Tracking x x x
Can Set Self to Invisible Mode x x x
Can View Who's Online x x x
Can Use Signatures x x x
No Ads (except on Main page) x x
Additional Edit / Delete Options x x
Faster Page Loading Time x x
$$ Gets Paid For Articles $$ x
Price Free Free $30
per year
per year
No Refunds Available. Upgrade Now! Upgrade Now! Earned

Guide Membership

Guide membership is awarded to members who are very important to the Network. A Guide:

  1. Offers helpful advice regarding nursing and nursing-related topics.
  2. Goes out of his/her way to see that members receive that "special touch".
  3. Assists staff in reporting Terms of Service violations.
  4. Is professional, courteous, and above all, supportive of the membership.

A Guide will enjoy all the privileges and perks of Platinum Membership! They also have the opportunity to get paid for writing articles.

How To Upgrade Membership Using Credit Card or PayPal - a visual walkthrough on how to upgrade your membership.

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