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I've been a fire-based paramedic since 1999 and I worked as an Emergency Department Medic for over 6 years in the mid-2000s. At that point I decided that nursing was for me and looked into going into nursing school.

Trying to complete my pre-reqs was a nightmare. With the 24-hour rotating schedule of a fire fighter I had trouble making classes. Then when applying for nursing school I was told by one school admissions counselor that I should quit my job to attend nursing school. (I scoffed because I'm addicted to food and housing.) Then a friend of mine completed Excelsior, so I signed up. One class at a time, an 10 month wait for CPNE and 5 years later I'm an RN!

But wait! I live in Washington state, I can't be an RN with an Excelsior degree. I licensed in Oregon, I found a lovely little LTC/SNF that lets me work the hours I can around my fire schedule. I have no plans for how this will all work out, but that's the fun of life.

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