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    I'm sorry for your terrible experience. I'm a hospice nurse, and love it. Since you are no longer an employee, stick to your healing and your business. Heal and grow from the experience.

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    I work in South Central PA, and outside of hospital staffing issues, I'm not sure of specific "controversies"

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    "I am requesting your ideas, recommendations, suggestions, thoughts, etc., regarding what you think would prevent future school shootings; as you would a head to toe assessment, identification, and intervention of your patient, so to speak. Or from any other relationship you have to school age children."

    1) Gun free zones do not work
    2) We need to invest more in mental health

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    Since we allow our patients the choice, I agree it should be a choice in the U.S. I'm thankful my current employer allows the choice.

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    Good day, Tuzla99:

    I hear you, and I believe I'm on the same page with you. 1) Legally, as long as our manager and employer know where we stand in advance, we have the right to not accept positions where we would be asked to go against our faith and belief system, and 2) the ANA and the law supports that position. I worked for a period of time as a cardiac telemetry nurse, and didn't run into any issues with my being pro-life, and I'm not a hospice RN case manager, and don't run into the issue.

    Thank you.

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    Non profit isn't always non-profit. See for a comparison of WGU and Capella based on my research.

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    Hugs. Hugs. Hugs. We try to do our charting in the home to avoid charting at home; the only two exceptions seem to be writing up a clinical screen for an evaluation for eligibility to be on hospice and admissions if either are in a home environment were we just get what we need signatures (concents) and then do the rest either from home or the office depending on the time of day.

    Can you share more about what you mean by "feeling the need to be what everyone needs" means to you?

    Hugs, and I pray you find peace and comfort.

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    [ATTACH=CONFIG]26819[/ATTACH] First Charlie Gard, now Alfie. This is what government involvement in healthcare looks like. Death panels do exist, and it should not be up to a judge or a hospital to deny proper care. Those arguing to justify the cold blooded murder of Alfie, I hope your loved one is never kept prisoner in a hospital system due to government involvement where you are forbidden to take your loved one home or to another safe location.

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    Quote from CharleeFoxtrot
    All medical authorities agreed
    Not 100% of doctors agreed... and the matter is such that parents should have had a say, NOT the government!

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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    Actually, I think it was "great" for him. He had no quality of life and no hope of becoming well. Death is not always the worst outcome.
    So the parents have no say in what is quality of life for their own children? So the government can determine quality of life?

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    And if the one's at the bedside ACTUALLY doing the work don't have a say in the matter, then acuity staffing is meaningless.

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    The one has mandated ratio's the other DOES NOT, and furthermore, it doesn't give the actual bedside nurse performing the care a say. We need mandated ratios!

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    The sources varied by paper, and will vary by how much you put into it. Each paper had a minimum requirement that varied by the course and paper, and then you could put more sources if you felt it would flesh out the paper. I felt all the work was BSN oriented. I graduated from computer school witha 3.98 GPA, and from my AD at the literal top of the class (3.92 GPA), so for me the assessments were relatively easy. I'm not sure how that might translate to others, but once you are accepted into the program, you can join a RN to BSN FB group (just students, no instructors) where we help one another in case there are questions about the instructions or help needed finding references (keeping in mind there's no spoon feeding; each poster tries to demonstrate they are trying to resolve the issue vs. looking for handouts).

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    You are given instructions, a scoring guide and you can either use google scholar or the Capella Library for research. Extensive is a comparative word; for me they were not extensive.