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    Quote from Farawyn
    Last day 6/11, last day after testing 6/22. I'll be here with Nutmegge, 100Kids and Flare.

    T, if you are coming to NY, please let me know!!! (no breakfast!)
    We will survive!!

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    Quote from MHDNURSE
    There was a horrible car accident in my state last weekend on the news. Five passengers. 4 of the 5 were killed. The 5th who survived was the only one wearing his seat belt.
    That was horrific. Not to far from a friends house. Ugh

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    Yay, great result!!!

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    Quote from MrNurse(x2)
    See above.
    I still don't who"they" are. Case managers? Teachers? Administration? Parents?

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    Quote from BettyGirard
    Alas, no. I had asked about that. They said they used to allow it, but it wasn't fair to the girls in the same situation.
    Who are "they"??

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    Eek! What a mess. The order should be PRN BASED ON ASSESSMENT. I would document what has been done and send to MD and ask for clarification in writing.

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    Quote from BettyGirard
    Alas, no. I had asked about that. They said they used to allow it, but it wasn't fair to the girls in the same situation.
    Say what??? His voiding issue isn't about anyone else but him. Who said no?

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    Job well done!!

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    Quote from Pixie.RN
    It's all about time management! I have a full-time job, I teach online part-time, I am back in school again (DNP), my husband is a full-time med student, and we have a baby (almost 10 months old). Most online BSN programs have similar assignments - discussion posts, papers, the occasional PowerPoint or project. I think once you try out a class, you'll find it's not that bad. Are you a single mom?
    I bow down to you!!!

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    We usually start the week before Labor day on Mon, the Frosh on Wed and the rest on Thurs. Then we go thru till 180 days is met...early-mid June if no snow days, June 20 (kids) and 21 (us) this year with 10 snow days and extra professional devt time added on. I'm so ready

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    I think counseling is appropriate. Personally, one would think that if the pill was easily identifiable and popped out inadvertently, it IS a waste of $$ to toss away. I get all the reasons why, I really do. But I also think the pharmacy regulations are crazy. The stuff that "expires" in the LTC facility is good at home until the exp date on the label, not 30 day after opening...$$$$ for the pharmacy provider.

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    Quote from RobotechTD
    Welcome to School Health! Remember that ice packs cures everything. Read the the threads in school nurses. You could clean a lot from them. Also see the video for Barb G. She has a lot of good pointers. The School Nurse- Barb G. (Episode 1) - YouTube
    And saltines, for the love of Pete, do NOT forget the saltines!!

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    Quote from tining
    I am going to try to learn Spanish, and then next year continue to work on my Spanish.
    Dos mas cervesas, por favor!

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    we have a whole month more...

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    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    The solution is difficult. It is obvious that kids/ adults that shoot up a school/ university/ night club have mental issues. The key is to keep the guns away from people with mental illness that are a threat to society without banning guns from everybody that is on an anti-depressant.
    See??? That is a much more palatable statement (IMHO) in my book, than the sarcasm I pointed to earlier. THAT should that be part of the conversation EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Typically, it is not what hear from those who fear we want to grab all the guns...We (at least myself and many I know) don't. Thank you.