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Joined Sep 6, '02 - from 'The Great Northwest'. VivaLasViejas is a Long-Term Care Surveyor and blogger extraordinaire. She has '17' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'LTC, assisted living, geriatrics, psych'. Posts: 24,583 (35% Liked) Likes: 33,361

Long-Term Care Surveyor and blogger extraordinaire

I'm a 50-plus RN and freelancer who's enjoying life in the PMZ (Post-Menopausal Zone)!
"Because God is good, He often waits with anticipation to give the long-awaited miracle, but He does wait: He waits for pride to give way to humility, for knowledge to defer to wisdom, and for anxiety to burn itself out into abiding hope."
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Long-Term Care Surveyor and blogger extraordinaire
The Great Northwest
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LTC, assisted living, geriatrics, psych
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17 years
Writing, computing, NFL football, pets
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