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Joined Sep 6, '02 - from 'The Great Northwest'. VivaLasViejas is a RN and blogger extraordinaire. She has '20' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'LTC, assisted living, geriatrics, psych'. Posts: 26,537 (38% Liked) Likes: 42,560

I'm a 55+ RN and freelancer who's enjoying life in the PMZ (Post-Menopausal Zone)!

"What a beautiful curse. What an injurious gift. What a horrible yet elegant privilege to know and understand all emotions so intensely...so deeply. Others will only be able to experience half of what you do, and only half of the time do you wish that you could be like them."---author unknown

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RN and blogger extraordinaire
The Great Northwest
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LTC, assisted living, geriatrics, psych
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20 years
Writing, computing, NFL football, pets
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