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    Quote from elkpark
    C'mon, you know the answer to this. They'll say that, well, there are always a few bad apples in every barrel, but the bottom line is no need for any new laws or regulations, the system would have worked great if it wasn't for this one irresponsible father who gave the guns back to his mentally ill son. The vast majority of the gun people are entirely responsible and law-abiding and, well, we just have to put up with some collateral damage from the others now and then in order to protect our God-given right to arm ourselves to the teeth with whatever guns we want and do whatever we like with all the guns. Easy peasy. End of story. We've all heard it a kazillion times.
    Yep. And the logic is seriously flawed, as we have all witnessed, time and time again.

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    Quote from elkpark
    No, no, the gun zealots always have an answer. The beauty of the "personal responsibility" mantra is that they can make the argument that the problem is a single individual, not the larger system. In this case, they'll blame the father and say that everything would have worked out fine and the shooting wouldn't have occurred if only the father hadn't given the guns back. No need for any new laws or regulations!
    But the father and son are members of the gun zealots tribe.

    How do they explain that so many tribe members lack the personal responsibility chip that gun zealots are so darn proud of?

    I know the true answer is that there can be no explanation, as the gun zealots logic is seriously flawed!

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    I hope that authorities will find a way to charge the Waffle House shooter's father.

    He is just as guilty, if not more so, than his son.

    He knew his son was mentally ill, yet willingly gave the son his guns back.

    Looks like the personal responsibility mantra is failing the gun zealots.

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    Looks like the Waffle House shooter has a long history of mental illness.

    Yet, he owned multiple guns, including the AR-15.

    And daddy gave him back his weapons.

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    So, the Waffle House shooter was known to federal authorities because he was arrested at the WH, last year, I believe.

    His guns were taken away, and given to his father, who returned them, at some point, to his wacko son.

    Nice, huh?

    I hope daddy is mighty, mighty, proud of the blood on his hands.

    So much for personal responsibility! Isn't hat the new mantra touted by gun zealots?


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    Excellent article in today's NY Times about the shenanigans of the Swamp Monster.

    He has a long history of self-interest above the interests of constitutes. Sound familiar? It must be why Dirty Donnie chose him to head the EPA!

    And those who have helped Pruitt with his shenanigans in the past, hold lead positions at the EPA! My, my.

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    The Swamp Monster, aka, Scott Pruitt, the head of Trump's EPA, currently has NINE open investigations on him, for misusing taxpayer funds.

    Are there still misguided souls out there who actually believe Trump is draining the swamp???

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    Quote from elkpark
    Keep in mind, while we're talking about the $43k secure telephone booth in his office, that Christine Todd Whitman, EPA administrator under Shrub, has commented repeatedly, in reference to Pruitt, that there already is a secure, sound-proof room for making and receiving confidential telephone calls in the EPA building -- it's just on a different floor than the administrator's office. He wants an additional secure booth in his office. Using the already-existing site on another floor isn't good enough for him.
    The Swamp Monster needs to go!

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    Quote from nursej22
    Will Nikki Haley be the next official to leave this train wreck of an administration?

    'Confused' UN envoy Nikki Haley hits back at White House - BBC News

    I don't agree with her politically, but she seems to be one of the few cabinet level people who is actually smart enough for her post and isn't fleecing the government to enrich herself and her friends.
    I am hoping that Scott Pruitt will be the next shoe to drop.

    What a piece of "work" this Swamp Monster is. First, there is the 43k telephone booth, and of course, the first-class travel, and now the tripped out SUV, with the bullet proof seat covers!

    Wasn't Trump supposed to drain the swamp? Well, there's plenty of oxygen in the swamp water to nourish Scott Pruitt!

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    I was hoping that when her family announced she would only seek comfort care, that a dialogue on end of life care would finally start in this country.

    We will see if that happens. I hope it does.

    Kudos to Mrs. Bush for coming to the end of a long, and successful life with such grace.

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    Looks like Dicks is going a step further and destroying the guns they will no longer sell.

    Gun zealots most be crying in their coffee.

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    Quote from cmefford
    Terrorists that's funny!! Your definition must be different than mine.

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    Quote from cmefford
    The NRA Foundation's 990 form filed with the IRS for 2010 shows it raised nearly 23.4 million in total revenue and provided more that 2,200 in grants for community programs for hunters, competitive shooters, gun collectors, law enforcement, women and youth groups, including boy scouts and 4-H clubs. In all 21.2 million went for grants.

    The NRA foundation has NO STAFF and PAYS NO SALARIES.

    The NRA has a fundraising program that allows gun customers to "round up" the purchase price to the nearest dollar as a contribution, in the same way other stores ask for small donations for cancer or hunger.

    This helps provide grants for gun-related training and education programs. The money goes to support firearms safety education, wildlife conservation and other firearm related public service programs.

    Do Assault Weapons Sales Pay NRA Salaries? -

    The NRA has a program called National School Shield, it is used to promote awareness, education, advocacy, and GRANT funding for schools to increase the protection of the kids.

    National School Shield | About

    Yeah, they are a horrible foundation, how dare they offer educational information, firearms training, grant money for shooting sports, grant money to help offset the cost of protecting our children from criminals, because last I checked NOT one criminal followed the LAW, and when firearms are not available, they will use any means necessary to harm people. There are many instances through out recent history where criminals have used knives, bombs, cars, etc to harm people.

    So, you can continue to bury your head in the sand and blame the NRA and law abiding citizens, or open your eyes and realize guns are not the issue and criminals, mental illness, etc are.
    You are partly right. Criminals are an issue.

    A perfect example is the MI firefighter who is in the news.

    He was put on probation. So technically, he is a criminal, who was somehow allowed to keep his guns.

    Keep your head buried, and keep on supporting terrorists!

    Good for you!

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    Personal responsibility is the latest mantra of the gun zealots.

    I wonder how personal responsibility came into play with the former firefighter in MI and the Black teenager he pulled a gun on.

    The firefighter had gun charges levied on him in 2006, and got a year of probation.

    Oh yeah, personal responsibility. Nice catch phrase, probably thought up by the terror group known as the NRA.

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Trump is unfit for office.
    Emotionally unfit.
    Educationally unfit.
    Morally unfit.
    Ethically unfit.
    The sad part of what Comey disclosed, is that thinking people already knew all of this.