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    This is a nice, easy to read, full of substance break down of what Republicans want, and what Democrats want to avoid government shut down.
    These Factions in Congress, Split Over ‘Dreamers,’ Could Lead to Government Shutdown - The New York Times

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    I think that Trump fancies himself very clever on the impending shut down. But let us not forget that he constantly calls himself a "master negotiator."

    Now, most Americans laugh at the notion, and if true, why is he running away during a time of crisis?

    Oh, this is going to butt him, and more importantly Republicans in the butt! Mitch McConnell understands that.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Here is the quote in question, if it's even true:
    "He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart just like his daughter,''

    What's so terrible about that? And, why do I feel like that if she had said something that favorable about Trump, you would dismiss her credibility because she is a porn star?
    Yes, I read that quote in an article in the NY Daily News.

    It stunned me.

    I am grateful that my father never gave me a back-handed compliment via a porn star. But then again, as far as I know, my father never screwed a porn star.

    The comment, and I am not addressing his actions because I really don't care who Trump has sex with, shows a complete lack of good judgement.

    And if I was Ivanka, I would be PISSED.

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    Yep, woke up this morning to a new reason to hate Trump.

    The government is on the verge of shut down, and what does the Dotard do? He packs up to leave Washington, DC!

    While Republicans are doing their very best to paint a potential shut down as the fault of Democrats, and hide behind CHIP funding (where was Republican support for CHIP in September? Was it not to their political advantage back then to support it?), the truth is, the failure belongs to DJT.

    Yes, I blame HIM more than I blame individual Republicans.

    Trump has done nothing to LEAD to a solution during this process.

    If Republicans think average Americans will blame Democrats for this fiasco, they are sadly mistaken. And their day of reckoning is coming in November 2018.

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    Now this is mighty interesting. It is from today's NY Daily News.

    If accurate, it would confirm my long held suspicions of money laundering.

    And no, this isn't a reason to hate Trump. It is hopefully just more need evidence to be rid of the vermin that DJT!

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    I'm frequently surprised (well, not anymore actually) of how in 170 plus pages of comments in this thread, there is so little discussion of anything of importance. It's all about "lets talk about all the different ways we should hate Trump."
    Well, it isn't very hard for me to find a new reason each day to hate Trump.

    For instance, this morning, when I awoke and heard about the Dept. of Health and Human Services instituting a civil rights division to protect the religious "rights" of healthcare workers, there was a new reason for me to hate him.

    This afternoon, while driving home from work (yes, I found another job), my hatred was renewed when I listened to an interview with the head of that civil rights division dance around, and NOT ANSWER the question put to him about how the right of patients to receive medical treatment was going to be protected.

    The NPR interviewer tried to pin him down to an answer, but alas, the man wouldn't answer. And I think we both know why he avoided answering the question.

    So far, Trump has given me NO reasons to like him.

    Please don't point to the economy, because it was already in recovery when he came to Washington, DC.

    And receiving just under $1,000 in a tax "break" doesn't work for me either. It is a tank of gas every two weeks. And in case anybody hasn't noticed, the price of gasoline is going back up.

    Oil is trading at $70 a barrel.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    I only remember him commenting once. It was maybe not the best way to compliment his daughter, but that's all it was.
    C'mon Dude, he was saying that a PORN star reminded him of Ivanka. How in any way is that a compliment to Ivanka????

    Seriously, try and explain that one to me.

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    There is already a pretty high YUK factor surrounding this story, but it just increased.

    The porn star reminded Trump of Ivanka? Oh, YUK, YUK, YUK.

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    Here is another example of the harm being done to this country by Trump. There is civil rights division in place within the Dept. of Health and Human Services to protect the "rights" of healthcare workers who don't want to participate in abortions or treat transgender patients.

    New HHS civil rights division to shield health workers with moral or religious objections - The Washington Post

    Now, if you read the article, this idea isn't new, but Trump is giving it sharper teeth.

    So, the focus of healthcare ISN'T the patient, it is really YOU and YOUR religious beliefs, morals, etc.

    Yeah, that's GREAT.

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    Quote from Tweety
    First year polls show that Trumps handling of the economy and Isis get decent marks, but overall people view his Presidency as a failure. Congress and the press don't fare to well either. Interesting times.

    Majority Of Americans See Trump's First Year As A Failure : NPR
    Congress and the press never fare well in these polls. The interesting thing about this poll is that it was conducted prior to Trump's toilet hole comments. Can you imagine if the poll had been taken this week?

    Trump's ratings would have been even lower. The only folks happy with him according to the poll is his base.

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    What states have the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies? Which states have the poorest outcomes for pregnancy?
    I don't know the answers to either one of those questions.

    But I do know that NPR reports have centered around a lack of patient education, as in, providers aren't educating women on the signs and symptoms of something being wrong, and then providers not taking the complaints of women seriously (like in the case of nursej's daughter).

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Will all the discussion and worry here about Trump's mental and physical health, I'm surprised no one has expressed how reassured they are by the findings of the WH physician.
    Ah, you've got a sense of humor, Dude.

    You know how I feel, so there is no need to restate it.

    Now, I would agree that golf is exercise IF it was played in high heels, and with no carts allowed, and getting from hole to hole was a timed event (in high heels).

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    This may be a sign of what awaits Republicans in the fall. Democrats took a seat that held for years, and years and years by Republicans. And they won it handily.

    Who knows, Trump may be an unexpected gift to Democrats.

    Democrats flip state Senate seat in Wisconsin - The Washington Post

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    Here's a nice analysis from the NY Times regarding a Surveymonkey poll.

    It shows that Americans are warming to the Republican tax scheme and like how Trump is "handling" the economy, but don't know that he should get the credit.

    Anyway, it is interesting.

    Poll Finds Upturn in Sentiment on Tax Overhaul and Economy - The New York Times

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    Quote from _littlemissBSN
    Almost an entire month went passed by since I wrote this (wow). Ever since that day, I noticed a slight improvement in my time management and I'm able to clear out my tasks before my shift ends. The latest I've stayed over was until 9pm, but it was understandable as I had a pretty heavy run. I just need to learn how to be a nurse more, but sometimes, I just couldn't help but feel quite envious of my experienced co-workers who know what they were doing all the time and get everything done on time. I understand that that is something that do come with experience.
    Glad you feel as though you are making progress and moving in the right direction!

    Good to hear back from you.