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    hurricanekat...being a mom...enough said. Your post makes me smile. Only mom's can relate

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    Even on the elementary level I don't get involved in this. I remind the teachers there is no district policy about kids "stinking" at school. They can deal with it however their conscious leads them.

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    Quote from ANL6822
    I love this OldDude. Thank you for your kind and uplifting words. I think this is where my personal struggle begins. I took this position for a list of reasons. Some of those have changed. I want to advocate for all the nurses in my district. We all deserve better. The question for me personally, is how long do I fight this battle before it becomes invaluable to my family, leading me to move on and how do I move forward with this battle in a way that is smart, ethical, and sheds light on the injustices occurring?
    I believe you have a real grasp of fact versus fantasy. I don't know you but God knows you and He knows who I've sent the prayer for. Don't be a stranger...we all are hopeful and wishing you the best!

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    In the olden days I could say, "you girls are looking mighty pretty in pink!" but it's not the olden days and I could land up in jail for such a statement so I'm not going to say it...but I'll still think it

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    Quote from ANL6822
    ... My motivations at the time and benefits to my family out weighed that one large negative issue.
    If this remains true today it is more valuable than words can illustrate. Your kids are only on loan from God and will be little only once; no do-overs. I know it's difficult to swallow the bitter pill of other nurses doing the same thing making more money than you, but really, it's not relevant to YOUR reality. The unhappiness you are experiencing is a product of your imagination. Your day to day life and environment would remain the same if other nurses in the area made more than you, were paid the same as you, or made less than you.

    I was born at night, but I wasn't born last, I'm simply trying to offer you another perspective.

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    I don't worry about what goes on after school hours.

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    But...on the flip knew what the salary was and you agreed to it.

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    If your district does adjust the salary it's likely the increase will be insignificant...otherwise they wouldn't be cheaping out like they are anyway. I'll bet the administrator salaries there are quite competitive. So, odds are you're gonna have to decide to live with the salary, supplement your income with part time work, or quit and move on to a higher paying position. Or if you're married, or have a significant other, have them get a second job to supplement the income. Or, if you're not married, try to snag a rich spouse!!! Only you can decide based on your financial and emotional position. Good Luck. Keep us informed.

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    Quote from peacockblue
    Strict no nit policy along with classroom checks. I am weary fighting this battle. Admin and school board won't budge no matter how much evidence you present them with. In fact, the last printed info I gave was thrown in the trash on front of me.
    How hypocritical for them to claim to be "educators" but refuse to accept legitimate facts themselves.

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    In general in aligns with the teacher salary schedule and you start at a first year teacher rate regardless of your experience. In my district I think a new teacher starts at around 50K, paid monthly for 12 months.

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    Quote from tining
    You could use that room for isolation area & hearing test area!

    My old school was brand new and I had 0 drawers; so at least 1 bank of drawers, the only drawers I had were in my desk. I also had a privacy curtain which was great to keep the looky loo's down. I had a separate small sink, but the paper towels were not at the sink.

    I have a rolling locking tool chest that is my "Med Cart" save an area for that if interested. My meds, binders, and purse can all roll out the door for evacuation & fire drills - no more scrambling - there is even room for first aid supplies!
    I'd like to have that in my garage!!

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    Quote from ruby_jane
    So...what does the girl want? Do we know? I mean, maybe she does want to be at school. If that's the case, she's going to have to employ some coping skills in addition to all that the school can do. Does she not want to be at school?

    This year my school has done a lot of things that parents have wanted...which were not in the best interest of the student. Social isolation is a big deal. Is it better or worse, though?
    Totally agree...but remember - Homebound Status doesn't mean they can't come onto school property; social interaction could easily be plugged into the homebound education program.

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    Quote from ctate
    I just charted an injury from a SNOWBALL fight!!!!!!!!! Nothing major, but......IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our district was one of the very few that didn't delay the start of school today So, what did our teachers do? Let the kids out to play in it for the first hour of school...there's about 700 kids sitting in their classrooms in socked feet - letting their shoes dry!!!

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    Don't worry'll be the most popular person in the building when a kid starts seizing in the library or some kid's arm looks like a "Z" on the playground.

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