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Never let any one else, or circumstance define you.- me

The Axial age, death, religion, human progress, and what it means to be human.

by honeyforasalteyfish - I will post links with more information about what I think are significant developments in human history as I have learned them. I am also interested in other peoples perspective. THIS IS NOT MEANT...

The nature of love, a story about Agape.

by honeyforasalteyfish - In the beginning... When I was 18 the world was my oyster. I was supremely confident in my own intellect, and abilities. I thought nothing would stop me. I applied, and was accepted to a state...

Terrorism abroad, Paris, Pakistan, Turkey, Brussels. The universal problem of extremists.

by honeyforasalteyfish - Power vacuums lead to extremists, economic downturn, etc. It is in these climates when education, and peaceful rational discourse suffer. The west has contributed to the problem with the regime...