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Joined Mar 16, '15. chemshark is a New Grad RN. He has '1' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'NewGrad/ICU/Psych/Hospice/Informatics/NP'. Posts: 39 (44% Liked) Likes: 34

Hi, I'm Chemshark and I have over fifteen years of experience in the medical field--but not always as a nurse. I started out in the Navy as a recruit and did well on my assessment test, but only had a green card at the time. So my only choice was to become a Hospital Corpsman with the Marines. I enjoyed this so much, I decided to challenge the boards for my LVN license. Then I obtained a biochemistry degree from the University of California. Now I am learning to work in the field as a new grad RN and I find that I have a lot to learn from those more experienced than me. In the meantime, I have started my schooling to become a nurse practitioner.

I thought I wanted to go into pharmacy and medicine but it took me years to figure out that nursing was more my style. Why? Because I'm interested in the person more than their disease. I often wonder what led to a person's demise that they find themselves in the hospital under my care. It humanizes them for me and increases my intent to deliver personalized care. While I do enjoy nursing, it does not take over my life (which is why I don't call it a passion). I enjoy photographing people because it is another way to get to know strangers, and I also like to write stories. I am currently working on a medical app geared towards new grad nurses. Please contact me if you have questions--especially if it involves suggestions about how to use tech & informatics to help all nurses, such as how to decrease time spent on charting. So contact me! You've probably already guessed that I enjoy interacting with people.

Posts: 39 (44% Liked) Likes: 34

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