Your Worst Party Experience?

  1. We had a good laugh this weekend. My 8 yr old was invited to a party at the bowling alley by the new girl in his class. My daughter and I were gone for the weekend, so my husband took him.

    When he got there, the party was in the grill area instead of renting one of the party rooms. The kids were all given those annoying whistles to blow which they proceeded to do for 30 minutes.

    The party was combined with an older sisters party. Each child was given one piece of cake and one scoop of ice cream.

    After the girl opened her gifts, each child was given two tokens for the game room (most of the video games take two tokens).

    To top it all off, they didn't bowl! They had a party at the bowling alley and didn't bowl!!!!

    I feel really sorry for the girls growing up in this family. It must be some kind of embarrasing.

    So what is your best "worst" party story?
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  3. by   Rapheal
    My daughter's 16th birthday party. We were the hosts and she invited 40 of her closest friends. We rented a party center a that had an outside park like area and 65 kids showed up. We had a total of 5 chaperones and boy were they needed. We also had a dj.

    4 kids showed up with alchohol and were told to leave (not invited guests). One girl broke up with her boyfriend at the party and he went into crying hysterics. One girl (not invited) flashed the guests. She was assigned her very own chaperone to follow her the rest of the party. 2 girls left because they were not getting enough attention from the birthday girl.

    Got through it and all the kids loved the party. But NEVER again!
  4. by   Quickbeam
    When I was promoted to RN manager for a large insurance company, my new boss invited me to her annual Christmas party at her home. I was touched at the gesture and accepted. My husband couldn't go because of work so I went alone.

    When I arrived, I was amazed at how beautiful the house was and the enormous array of food. My boss' children were all dressed up and very well behaved. My boss was a gracious host. Unfortunately, I was the only one of 30 people invited to show up. At all.

    What I didn't know was that my boss was scheduled to be laid off and that NONE of the invitees from work were coming. After the first hour, when it became obvious that no one was coming, I made some gestures to help wrap food and make a polite exit. However, my boss and her husband continued to act as if everyone was coming "in just a minute" and insisted that I stay. I ended up there for 4 hours when I made up some excuse to leave. It was the most awkward situation I've ever been in.