Your weirdest (funniest) date?

  1. stargazer suggested i start this...

    i have to say that dating when you're older is different. people have had the chance to really refine their weirdnesses. here's my funniest...

    a friend set me up for a blind date, one of the first i'd been on after my divorce in 1997. this guy and i had talked on the phone a few times, he seemed a little shy...he worked as a wastewater engineer for the city.

    so i agreed to go out dancing. i told him what i'd be wearing, and told him i'd probably be late (i'm chronologically challenged).

    i walked in, almost on time, and there he was -- disco man! no kidding, he was wearing a red silk shirt with big belled sleeves open to the navel with lots and lots of gold chains. add to this ensemble bell bottom plaid pants, a receding hairline, freckles, and a pudgy middle-aged body and you will understand why i almost lost it right there. the band was not playing disco but we danced anyway -- and he knew all the moves from saturday night fever.

    although outward appearances normally don't mean much to me, this was too much. we shook hands goodnight...:roll
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  3. by   stressedlpn
    I was so nervous about a date once that I didnt eat all day, then at the end of the date, my bld sugar dropped soooooo... when he went to kiss me good night yep you guessed it I passed smooth out. thats not the worst part, my younger brother heard me fall ran into the room and almost started beating on the guy until it dawned on him what happened, talk about embarssing although we continued to date for awhile after that he had a glove box with peanut butter and crackers and always ordered O.J for me. yea I would say that was my most embarressing date.
  4. by   live4today
    My most embarrassing date was when I was dating a dude six feet four inches tall, a bouncer in a club.......yes.....that was after my divorce and during my WILD days...........anyhoo.....we were hanging out for a good little while before know.....anyway......we got to "home base" and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing cause the dude wasn't "packaged to my satisfaction". He was good before we got to that part of his anatomy, then the bomb dropped in my chest......I could NOT date a guy who didn't have a NICE SIZED PACKAGE. :chuckle Needless to say.......I made up some lame excuse and broke up with him. Saw him several years later...he's also a nurse.....he still thought we had a great time together, and NOW wanted to marry me......NO WAY NO HOW, BUSTER.......or should I have said "mini buster". Night ya'll! sweet MAXI!
    I don't wanna talk about it.....

  6. by   RN-PA
    When I was 18 or 19 years old, I went out with a guy to a somewhat upper-scale restaurant that'd recently opened. It was BYOB so my classy date brought an already opened, half-full bottle of wine with a screw-off cap which was put on ice for us. I'm sure the waiter snickered all the way back to the kitchen.

    We thought we'd be even ~MORE~ sophisticated and ordered steamed artichokes for an appetizer. When they arrived, we didn't know how to eat them and chomped on the whole leaves wondering what all the fuss was about artichokes-- Figured the leaves must provide good roughage...

    Then we decided to show off our dance moves (this was around 1974 or so) and we went up the postage stamp sized dance floor. We did a 70's version jitterbug and did that turn where you face each other, holding hands, swing your arms and do a kind of pretzel turn inside out (hard to describe). That smooth move knocked the mirrored ball off the ceiling and we stood back, mortified, as it went *kaTUNK* *kaTUNK* *kaTUNK* {{{RATTLE-RATTLE}}} ~~~~ROLLLLLLLLLLLL~~~~~

    We slunk embarrassed back to our seats as the hostess re-hung the mirrored ball and we chewed our artichokes in silence. :imbar :imbar :imbar