Your State's Motto

  1. please note: this is all in fun

    of course, we have electricity.
    11,623 eskimos can't be wrong!
    but it's a dry heat.
    literacy ain't everything.
    by 30, our women have more plastic than your honda.
    if you don't ski, don't bother.
    like massachusetts,
    only the kennedy's don't own it yet.

    we really do like the chemicals in our water.
    ask us about our grandkids.
    we put the fun in fundamentalist extremism.
    haka tiki mou sha'ami leeki toru
    (death to mainland scum,leave your money)

    more than just potatoes...
    well, okay, we're not, but the potatoes sure are real good

    please, don't pronounce the "s"
    2 billion years tidal wave free
    we do amazing things with corn
    first of the rectangle states
    five million people; fifteen last names
    we're not all drunk cajun wackos,
    but that's our tourism campaign.

    we're really cold, but we have cheap lobster
    if you can dream it, we can tax it
    our taxes are lower than sweden's
    first line of defense from the canadians
    10,000 lakes...and 10,000,000,000,000 mosquitoes
    come and feel better about your own state
    your federal flood relief tax dollars at work
    land of the big sky, the unabomber, right-wing crazies,
    and very little else.

    ask about our state motto contest
    hookers and poker!
    new hampshire
    go away and leave us alone
    new jersey
    you want a ##$%##! motto?
    i got yer ##$%##! motto
    right here!

    [color=#8080ff]new mexico
    lizards make excellent pets
    [color=#400040]new york
    you have the right to remain silent,
    you have the right
    to an attorney...

    [color=#ff80c0]north carolina
    tobacco is a vegetable
    [color=#ff0080]north dakota
    we really are one of the 50 states!
    at least we're not michigan
    like the play, but no singing
    spotted's what's for dinner
    cook with coal
    [color=#80ff00]rhode island
    we're not really an island
    [color=#ff8000]south carolina
    remember the civil war?
    well, we didn't actually surrender
    [color=#808080]south dakota
    closer than north dakota
    the edyoocashun state
    se hablo ingles
    our jesus is better than your jesus
    ay, yep
    who says government stiffs and slackjaw yokels don't mix?
    we have more rain than you do
    [color=#408080]west virginia
    one big happy family...really!
    come cut the cheese!
    where men are men... and the sheep are scared

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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
  4. by   abundantjoy07
    :roll :roll :roll
  5. by   nurseygrrl

    New York
    You Have The Right To Remain Silent,
    You Have The Right
    To An Attorney...

    Yeah...We are a tough town!! :chuckle
  6. by   unknown99
    I love it Fran!!! Only I thought Ohio's motto was... If you can use DW40 and Duct Tape in the same sentence, then you might be from Ohio!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!
  7. by   shopgal
    That's great, I laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants! I thought that Nebraska's was "The only place where you have to drive 300 miles just to go to Wal-Mart" (the sad thing is I'm from there and it's true!) :stone
  8. by   Tweety

    And the state bird of Florida is the misquito and the state flower is mildew.
  9. by   CHATSDALE
    correction: Louisiana state drink and die early
  10. by   Aneroo
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle HAHAHA!
  11. by   GPatty
    Quote from sagarcia210
    I love it Fran!!! Only I thought Ohio's motto was... If you can use DW40 and Duct Tape in the same sentence, then you might be from Ohio!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!
    Hey! I'm from Ohio....
    (and my Dad is the WD40/Duct tape KING!) LOL!