Your Nick names

  1. Okay, what is your nick names, i know some of us have loads of names.
    It would be great to mention the ones you had from birth til now.

    To start of with i am called:
    petal possum cherry poepie not popeye arrghhhh

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  3. by   Angel Baby
    Nay Nay, Tigger (who'd have guessed), and Crazy Cat Lady (newest addition from my loving husband who doesn't understand why I can't let an animal starve to's not my fault we have a pet door for my 2 furry babies, and that vagrant cats have discovered the buffet........oh and the bigger part of the story is the stray that my husband named "Dead" until it died in my arms and I cried like a baby--that's when he decided I was crazy). One would have thought that 17 years together would have given him a clue much sooner!!!
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  4. by   duckie
    Actually the only nickname I can ever remember having is when I was 12 my step-dad started calling me Duckie. I'm 45 and now everyone calls me Duckie, Aunt Duckie, etc. My hubby calls me "MaMa" and many of the kids at work call us that cause we refer to each other as "MaMa" and "PaPa". The kids at work think this is cool and they have adopted us as their "hall parents."
  5. by   NurseDennie
    My nickname, strangely enough, is Dennie. People ask me if it's short for Denise or something, but my name is Elizabeth Katherine. Dennie is from my maiden name. Which wasn't Dennie, but something similar.

    Actually, my hubby calls me Mama, too. I've been Lillibet when I was a kid, and for a while Bobie - who knows where THAT came from?


  6. by   hapeewendy
    haha nicknames nicknames
    hardly anyone calls me Wendy....

    my mom calls me wen most of the time
    ppl at work called me wendles, wens, wednesday,
    miller genuine draft (thats my last name, miller that is)and that young looking nurse over there
    (though thats prolly not an official nickname)

    friends have been the worst nickname givers
    well friends and boyfriends
    some of mine have been
    pooh (love winnie the pooh), wendel, words per minute ( I talk fast and those are my initials)
    killer miller (not a good nurse nickname)
    baybay, wendiest, (those are from a boyfriend hah)
    one of my italian friends, in an attempt to Italianify my name called me
    Wendalaruch milleroni haha bad I know
    I seem to be one of those ppl that gets a lot of nicknames attached to them....
    winnie, qwendolyn (not my Real name by any stretch!) theres more but I cannot seem to remember them..........and some arent fit to print
  7. by   CEN35
    not much here? usually just ricky

  8. by   Ted
    Actually, my nick name is "Ted" with my legal name being "Edward".

  9. by   aimeee
    Nothing ever stuck besides Aim and Aimer. My grandfather NEVER called me by my given name, always Little Joe or Josie (as in Little Joe Cartwright; he had cowbody nicknames for all his grandchildren).

    Dennie--when my daughter, Elizabeth, was little we called her Little Bit.
  10. by   micro
    given name, mar,marfa, marti, susu, micro, popeye-----hehehehehe

    forgot sweet, i really was called sweet pea!!!!!:chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
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  11. by   night owl
    Iwas supposed to be a "Mark Edward", but fooled em all and was a Michele. Then Dad called me Missy, Uncle called me Mashy, the people at the Post Office called me Michael, brothers called me a PITA and spoiled, Mom called me "NurseJanefuzzywuzzy" And like Wendy, names not fit to print and worse... Lately at work I'm known as the "Enema Queen." :stone
  12. by   hapeewendy
    hehehe night owl that reminds me!
    I was supposed to be craig robert Miller
    until I popped out lacking the necessary parts for the name
    this was before u/s times so I think my mom went on the info given to her by family and friends
    about how she carried n her symptoms etc...
    I never did find out how they named me
    I figure dad was drunk with a case of miller beer and chowing down on wendy's hamburgers or something
    isnt that cruel? first name fast food chain restaurant, last name of a brand of beer?
    wahhhhhhhhhhhh traumatized
    jk its cool
    I remember when youre a younger girl/teenager you come up with potential names for your future kids
    mine were all weird n wacky, does that say something about me? nahhhh
    I dont wanna know how one acheives the wonderful title of enema queen
  13. by   LiznTexas
    My given name is Elizabeth. I have always gone by Liz....which led to in Heerree Leezerd Leezerd Leezerd. Oh and yes, Evil Nurse. LONG story.....and no, it has nothing to do with sex! "Evil Nurse" is tattooed on my butt so I guess it's a part of me.....literally.
  14. by   delirium
    Ok... I have lots of names....

    Variations of my given name are: Beck, Becca, Reb, never Becky (bleccch).

    Also: Stuff, Beckarah, Clyde (those last two are courtesy of my dad, thanks Pops), blue eyes, bird, dingbat (one of my closest friends, go figure), and after I got my standardized test scores back my pal Pete actually started calling me 'brain with legs'.

    And then there are all the pet names I have from my S.O. ...... nothing really fit to print.
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle